You only have 27 seconds to make a great first impression.  If you are someone in charge of making decisions in your business, this data should lead you to one fundamental conclusion.  Your business must look good—especially your reception counter because that’s what people see first.

In simplest terms, your reception area furniture and space should reflect the vision you have for your company.   Are you moving towards a modern concept, or do you prefer the classics?  However, the essential parts of your office entry space are the unique reception desk and the reception counter.  It is the focal point of the area, and it’s a visitor’s first stop when they cross your business’s threshold.

Check out these reception desk trends for 2021.  You can use them to help you pick out a reception counter and reception area furniture.

1. Put it at the Forefront

In the past, people tried to fit their IT into their space.  They mounted televisions on the walls and ran conduits to hide the wires to keep things looking crisp.  Now that technology has evolved into a vital part of everyday life; you need to keep technology at the forefront of your thinking.

Your reception area should be a tech-friendly area.  Your furniture should be equipped with charging stations for guests to plug in while they wait.  Your reception counter should also be tech-friendly.  Since many people will approach your reception desk to check it, your furniture should be conducive to powering technology.

2. Sustainability

Going green attracts customers and long-term clients.  Studies show that 66% of consumers will pay more for products or services from eco-friendly companies.  Since first impressions are a must, your reception area must showcase your environmental awareness.

Products like Contour Reception Desk, where the stone-raised hob is made from natural stone, show that your company appreciates the natural elements.


Contour Reception Desk

If you compliment your reception desk with reception area furniture made from responsibly sourced and/or recycled materials, guests to your office space will see your business as one with a small carbon footprint.

3. Resimercial Design

Bring the elements of the home to the office with resimerical design.  This new and emerging trend in office space layout combines aspects of home into your workspace.  There’s no better way to make guests feel welcome than by creating a home-like environment.

  • Comfortable reception area furniture
  • Residential inspired accessories like rugs and lamps
  • Soft ambient lighting
  • Durable upholstery

It’s also a good idea to incorporate colors that rouse a sense of warmth and comfort in the area.

Monash Reception Desk

Monash Reception Desk

Lastly, make sure your reception desk and your reception counter aren’t overpowering so that they detract from the home-like feel of the area.   Reception desks similar to the Monash Reception Desk with its Natural White melamine construction with Driftwood timber melamine front feature panel are excellent pieces that help fit into a reception area aiming for that resimercial design look.

4. Mixed Materials

Gone are the days where all of your reception area furniture should match.  Today’s office spaces are full of mixed materials. This design trend ties together styles from many different eras and makes the room look much more inviting.

Aspect Florence Reception Desk

Contrasting finishes is a great way to mix materials in your reception area.  Reception desks like the Aspect Florence Reception Desk blend materials and colors to help create that contemporary style.  It even allows you to customize the colors to achieve the perfect look for your reception area.

5. Convenient Storage

Organisation a significant factor in productivity.  It’s crucial to make sure your receptionist has plenty of convenient storage space.  When the reception area is organized, it creates a stress-free environment.  You don’t want people walking into your company and getting hit with an aura of anxiety.  That’s not an excellent way to attract clients.

Also, you want the person running the reception counter to remember critical day-to-day tasks.  A clean desk makes it easier to remember things, and storage space is crucial to keeping things clean.

You can’t overlook the time-saving aspect of a tidy workspace.  When your receptionists don’t have to spend time searching the reception counter to find what a client is looking for, they have more time to complete day-to-day tasks effectively.

Most importantly, a clean desk area communicates professionalism.  It would be best if you were sure your reception desk and your reception counters offer convenient storage space that your receptionist can keep the site free of clutter so that your company can maintain a professional appearance to clients.

6. Curves

Curves are another trending reception desks design in 2021.  While they look elegant and inviting, curved desks are the most ergonomic choice.

Because the desk is slightly curved at the front, your body has a few inches to lean closer to your computer monitor, expanding your arc of reach.  It also eliminates your torso and wrists from hitting that hard edge that desks with straight fronts have.

Infinity Reception Desk

Infinity Reception Desk

Desks like the Infinity Reception Desk boast a curved shape that conforms to your torso, making it more comfortable.  And you can’t overlook the fact that it just looks more welcoming than your typical, contemporary desks.


Professionals understand the importance of small details.  So, it makes sense to look closely at the details when you are designing your reception area.  Find the perfect reception desk that welcomes visitors at the front door.  Make sure your reception counter is not intimidating and showcases what your company has to offer.  Lastly, complement it all with reception area furniture that mirrors your vision for your business.  Follow these steps, and you are sure to make the perfect first impression in that 27 second time slot you have to do so.