Most people spend a major part of their day in front of the computer. The continuous sitting and repetitive motion puts a lot of strain on their physique. This results in various occupational injuries like the neck, shoulder, and back pain. The more time you spend in front of the computer, the greater the chance of developing such occupational injuries. Therefore, having the right type of office furniture is very important to improve the productivity of employees.

When it comes to an office setting, the office desk and office chair are the two main furniture items that should be given special attention. Ergonomically designed furniture can reduce the stress on your body, thereby avoiding occupational injuries, and general aches and pains.

What Are the Things to Consider While Purchasing an Office Desk?

An office desk is a long time investment. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the following before purchasing one.


  • Office Space

Before you go shopping for an office desk, you should first measure the office space dimensions. There should be ample space to move around once the desk is placed. Therefore, the size of the desk should be carefully selected after considering these two factors.

The office desk should not create a cramped feel in the office room. The room should be spacious, even with desk in position.

  • Facilities

An office desk should have ample storage space so that you can keep all your office supplies safely. You should check whether there are drawers for files and storage space for your office essentials. The desk should have proper leg space so that the employees can sit comfortably and stretch their legs without obstruction.

  • Office Design

The overall office design is another factor that should be considered before purchasing an office desk. If the office is designed in a formal style, then the desk selected should reflect the same. On the other hand, if the office design is casual and colorful, you should opt for a desk that blends with the theme

  • Material

Office desks can either be a melamine desk or metal desk. If you are looking for a lightweight desk that is easy to move, then a metal desk is a good choice. But if you want a sturdy one, then a good quality melamine office desk is a great choice. Whatever material you select, make sure that it is durable.

Top 5 Office Desks for 2021

  • Function Desk   Function-Student-Desk

This is a simple timber grain melamine office desk that is suitable for all office spaces. The desk comes with an optional storage drawer unit on the side that is available in several configurations to suit your requirement. You can either opt for a fixed drawer or a mobile drawer unit. The fixed drawers can be made with one personal and one deep file drawer or three personal drawers. The mobile drawer can have four personal drawers, two file drawers, or two personal drawers and 1 deep file drawer. All drawer options are key lockable. There is also an option to purchase the desk without any drawers.

The desk is available in cherry and beech timber grain colours, and in five different sizes. Thus, you can select one based on the overall design and size of your office room. The desk also has two cable access ports to add to its functionality.

  • Chill Corner Workstation  Chill-Corner-Workstation

If you want to make the best use of the available office space, then the Chill corner workstation is a great choice. The workstation is available in twelve different sizes and you can choose one based on the size of your office. The workstation has provision for an optional drawer unit, which can be fixed or mobile. The fixed drawer unit can have one personal and one deep file drawer or three personal drawers. The mobile drawer can have two personal and one deep drawer or four personal drawers. All drawer options are lockable for added peace of mind.

The workstation is available in natural white and ironstone finishes, which are specifically neutral tones that suit most office environments. The angled keyboard area and the cable access port add to the functionality of the desk.

  • Space System desk with desk mounted screen dividerSpace-System-Desk-Silver-Base-with-Parchment-Off-White-Top-and-Integral-Express-Screen-Divider

If you want privacy in office work, then this specially designed desk would be a great choice. This is a simple desk that comes with a screen divider at the edge that offers privacy. The desktop is available in three different sizes with varying colour options. While natural white and beech are the colour of the desktop, the base is available in satin black, white, and silver powder coat finishes. The screen divider is made of fabric and is available in black and white and grey and black colours.

Another unique feature of the desk is the perforated modesty panel that helps maintain the aesthetics of the office, and strengthen the desk itself.

  • Elite 4 person in-line desk   Elite-Desk-4-Person-In-Line-Natural-Oak-Desk-Tops-White-Under-Frame-No-Screen-Dividers

If you have a large office space and want to make the optimum use of it, then the Elite 4 person in-line desk is a great choice. The desk is available in three different sizes and you can add, remove and reconfigure the desk easily, in whichever way you want. The desk tops are available in ever popular natural oak and natural white colours, while the base is available in black and white powder coat finishes.

The desk top is designed with scalloped edges for the cables to pass through. The heavy-duty double top rails attached to the table top and render strength and rigidity to it. The desk is available with and without modesty panels.

  • Integral 2 back to back desk pod   Integral-Two-Back-To-Back-Desks-with-Single-Screen-Divider

If you are looking for an office desk that enables team collaboration, and at the same time, offer privacy, then the integral 2 back to back desk pod is the right choice. The unique feature of the desk is the screen divider that are made of fabric. The desk is available in two different sizes with optional drawers on the side. The desk tops are available in natural white and beech colours that blend in with most office decors.

The desk comes with steel legs that offer style and sturdiness. An optional desk mounted shelf is also available if required.

Style, functionality, and ergonomics should be given equal consideration while purchasing Office Furniture in Australia. Any of these desks will ensure that the productivity of the employees is not compromised at the expense of design and aesthetics.

Top 5 Office Desks Infographic