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7 Most Comfortable Ergonomic Office Chairs to Support Your Back

Unfortunately, some people don't think about their office chair's comfort until they begin to have problems. They may realise that they should have researched ergonomic office chairs as they lie awake at night with an aching back and sore wrists and forearms. If you are currently setting up a home

Choosing the Right Boardroom Table for Your Office

A boardroom table is much more than four legs and a flat surface. This space is where significant decisions are made about the company, where mergers and new CEO's are created: you can't just use a simple folding table. The type of table you use has many factors, including size,

6 Key Features of a Good & Impressive Reception Desk

You only have 27 seconds to make a great first impression.  If you are someone in charge of making decisions in your business, this data should lead you to one fundamental conclusion.  Your business must look good—especially your reception counter because that’s what people see first. In simplest terms, your

Upgrade Your Melbourne Office With Modern Visitor Chairs

Are you shopping for modern office visitor chairs in Melbourne, but are not sure how to buy them? On this page, you’ll learn about the buying process so you can end up with an office visitor chair that provides practicality, style and comes at a competitive price. Every Melbourne office

5 Must-Have Furniture Accessories for Your Sydney Office

Do you want to upgrade your Sydney office with accessories? They are essential for the smooth running of your office and compliment the furniture you might already have. Office furniture accessories perform basic functions that  enable you to be more organized, work faster and have better communication. Take the time

Top 5 Office Desks That Can Boost Your Productivity in 2021

Most people spend a major part of their day in front of the computer. The continuous sitting and repetitive motion puts a lot of strain on their physique. This results in various occupational injuries like the neck, shoulder, and back pain. The more time you spend in front of the

Build Affordable Home Office Under $1200 in 2020

The worldwide movement towards long-distance work means more people are looking to create an office at home. The process of creating your first home office can be exciting. It’s your area of the house that you can get away from the family to be productive. Furniture is an essential component

Federal Government’s Instant Asset Write-Off Initiative

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Federal Government has introduced their Instant Asset Write-Off Initiative. Eligible businesses can claim an immediate deduction of up to $150K up until 30 June 2020. Full details are available on the ATO website Always consult your financial advisor or accountant Acknowlegements: Australian Tax

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