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High quality and beautiful office furnishings have been proven to improve productivity and enhance mood within the workplace for both yourself and your employees. Our amazing Fast Office Furniture collection of office tables can really elevate a space by being both aesthetically pleasing and by providing a functional place to meet, work or have a coffee break...

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Are you in the market for a new office table, but have no idea where to buy? You’ve come to the right place because we sell amazing office tables right across Australia. We have a huge choice of high quality tables. They’re manufactured using heavy duty components means this is the best place to buy. We sell everything from small meeting tables to large boardroom tables.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 327 863 for more information on any of the tables on our website. We offer constructive advice on what tables are the right choice for your needs. You’ll find our customer service team to be friendly, helpful and informative.
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Want to see the tables in person before buying? Then visit one of our showrooms conveniently located in most of the big cities of Australia. You can physically interact with the office furniture and inspect the durability of each unit. Furthermore, our employees are on standby if you need help picking the right table for your office. We want you to leave our showrooms fully satisfied.

Read on to familiarize yourself with the important buying factors. This will help you make the correct buying decision for your next office meeting tables. The factors we discuss includes type of table, price and durability. You’ll end up with the right table every time when each of these factors is taken into account before buying.

Top 3 Buying Factors To Consider

Before buying think about a few of the important questions about how you’ll use your new tables. For instance, where will the tables be placed? This determines the size of the table since you need to make sure that it fits easily and doesn’t crowd the space. Also, the setting must be considered to determine the table style. Keeping a consistent visual style in an office space sets a professional theme. That’s important if you need to entertain potential clients and visitors in your office.

1. Type of Table – Which one should you buy?

The type of table to buy depends on your needs and budget. Here are the most common types and their uses:

• Boardroom Table: As the name suggests this type of table is ideal for the boardroom. They are generally larger and suitable for seating upwards of 10 plus people at a time. It’s an important office table because it’s the place where important company decisions might be made. We sell boardroom table and chair packages. This means you don’t have to buy the chairs separately and the overall price will be lower.

Executive Boardroom Table with Medium Back Bribie Chairs

• Small Meeting Tables: Consider dotting a few round tables around the office where employees can casually meet to discuss ideas. It’s ideal if each employee does not have an office to hold meetings. The small and portable nature of these round tables means you can move them around easily if needed.

small meeting table

• Flip flop Tables: These tables that can be folded when not in use. This means they can easily be stored when not needed. The nature of the flip top means that you can wheel it around easily, and vertically stack them against a wall out of the way, without the risk of having to carry them. Consider buying these tables if you need to hold an event that requires extra table space. Once the event is over you can wheel the table away the table and store them. Their flexibility means they are ideal for multi-use rooms.

Flip Top Table

• Coffee Tables: These are perfect alongside couches where employees and guests can relax. Consider installing a coffee table, or occasional table in the reception area and recreational areas in your office. They provide a place for people to gather for a casual chat, which is handy in a professional office setting.

Chelsea Chair and Stacey Coffee Table Package

2. Price – How many tables can you buy and still keep under budget?

We offer the best value for money for office furniture in Australia. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal elsewhere. Don’t blow your entire budget on a few expensive tables, if you need to furnish an entire office floor with limited funds. Budget correctly to ensures all your office tables needs are met.

Give us a call if you need help buying tables within budget. Perhaps we can give you a bulk discount if your order is large enough. Our experienced customer service staff have worked with many Australian offices, which means they can help you make the right buying decision at the right price.

3. Durability – Will the tables last?

You should expect sturdy tables – even at the entry level end of the scale. There are a few ways to limit the likelihood that you receive a poor quality table. Here are some pointers:

• Customer reviews: most customers usually share durability related issues from products they buy. Therefore, reading these reviews you will quickly work out if there are any durability issues.

• Images: look at the images in the product description to get a feel for the materials that have been used. You can also determine the way materials are joined. From experience this can tell you about potential weak spots, and poor quality.

• Showrooms: visit one of our showrooms to physically interact with the tables. Touching the tables in person is a great way to assess how much impact the tables can take, and how long they will last.

• Warranty period: note the length of the warranty as this can be a reliable indicator of durability. Manufacturers won’t mind increasing the warranty length if they are confident with the office tables durability.

Durability is an important consideration because office tables do take a lot of wear and tear over their life span. Therefore, you should opt for tougher materials that are more robust, particularly for a busy commercial environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I know if the table is big enough for my needs?

A. Navigate to the product description page and look at the product dimensions. Get your tape measure out and compare it with tables already in your office. This should help you choose the right size when buying your next office tables.

Also compare the size of your room, and the number of people that you need to seat at the table. Allow at the very least 600mm width per person, but preferably around 700-750mm, to be more comfortable.

Q. Do you sell office table accessories?

A. We sell table components and specific accessories. This is ideal if you need to replace specific parts of an office table instead of the entire thing. The accessories we sell include the table top, frame, table base and table legs.

Q. Do you offer discounted office tables?

A. Yes! From time to time you can look at our range and you’ll notice discounts. Also, you may get a discount when buying several units if the order is large enough.

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