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At times we underestimate the importance of storage within an office. However, ample storage is paramount for efficiency and organisation, allowing your work space to run smoothly. At Fast Office Furniture we understand that small details matter and that includes meeting all of your storage needs, not only with wonderful functionality but also amazing design options to suit any office space.

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Are you shopping for office storage units and need help choosing the right furniture? On this page you’ll find a variety of office storage furniture that can be used to fit out an entire office. With so much choice available you are likely to find a combination that’s perfect for your requirements.

Don’t hesitate to give our customer service team a phone call if you need to ask any questions, or need any help. The number to call is 1300 327 863. We will give you all the time you need to help choose the right office drawers, credenzas or office cupboards. We believe in a friendly, helpful and responsive customer service approach.
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Want to see what the furniture is like before buying? Then you can visit one of our showrooms that are dotted around most of the major cities in Australia. They are packed with the furniture we sell so you can get a preview before making your final selections. Use this opportunity to ask questions and find out more about the advantages of our furniture ranges.

Don’t stop reading as the next section provides a valuable insight into the office storage buying process. You’ll learn about the important features that can help you make a good buying decision. The factors we cover includes price, practicality, build quality and durability.

These are the Top 3 Buying Factors to Consider

It’s usually a good idea to ask yourself questions about your storage needs before looking at the options available. Figure out how much storage is required so you can decide on which units to buy. For example, if you need to store personal bulky items, then perhaps lockers are a good choice. File cabinets are a great option if you need to store paper files safely and securely.

How much space do you have in the office for storage units? It might be the case that you need to get rid of some old furniture before you can buy new, more practical options. Think about these factors before you move forward with your buying decision.

1. Type of storage units – which one should you buy?

There are several type of office storage units you can buy. Choosing the correct one allows you to store things efficiently and securely, so you can find and retrieve the items quickly. Here is a list of common office cabinet types:

• Metal cabinets: these provide the most protection for the contents of the storage unit. However, they are usually more expensive than more tradition melamine units. Also, the visual style is more of an industrial, or commercial one, which might not be the look you’re going for in your office.

• Lockers: these are perfect for allowing office employees to store their personal belongings while working. They can get changed and perhaps leave their outdoor coats in the locker. Each locker should have a key to keep the personal items safe, but there are many other locking options available.

• Mobile cabinets: these are perfect if you need to move the cabinets around the office, or even just move them around your own space. They are on wheels, which allows them to be easily moved. Overall, they look and function the same as regular office storage cabinets, but are a little more flexible and convenient.

• Open bookcase: this allows users to quickly access items without having to open or slide a door. It’s ideal for daily use where items must be accessed constantly. Bookcases can be used for a variety of applications.

Sliding door cupboard: space systems with sliding doors usually have larger compartments where you can place bulky items. They are typically not used for organizing files since a file cabinet does a much better job.

Shelving units: the cheapest storage units for storing a large quantity of items are shelving units. These are basically shelves with a metal framework. You can combine multiple shelving units in a row if you need a lot of storage for your office – for archiving purposes for example. However, they don’t provide an elegant look in the office, so keep that in mind if clients visit your establishment.

2. Access frequency – consider choosing a mix

Think about how frequently you need to access the stored items. This will determine the type of storage compartments that you buy. For example, if you need to access items frequently, then storage units such as shelving units, bookcases and mobile drawers are a good choice.

However, if the items don’t require frequent access, then you can opt for storage units such as metal cabinets and sliding door compartments. Purchasing a combination of different office storage furniture means you’ll be ready for all type of storage needs.

3. Visual style – does it match your office?

Storage office furniture takes up a lot of space in the building. Therefore, they contribute a lot towards the interior décor of an office. Choose the office furniture that compliments what you already have in your building. For example, if you have tables with a dark timber grain colour, then you can opt for similar cupboards.

You can get in touch with us for help with choosing the right design to match your office space. It’s important to create a sense of consistency so that the office furniture doesn’t look odd in your office. It should look like it was all purchased at the same time.

We offer well designed and good quality storage units for customers that care about the visuals. Browse through our selection and you’ll be impressed with what’s on offer, and pleasantly surprised at our prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will I know if my things will fit in the office storage units?

A. Look at the product description for the dimensions. Using the measurements you can figure out the amount of space that you have to work with. Remember to account for unforeseen storage requirements. Storage needs typically increase as time goes on, so buying extra storage is not a bad idea.

Q. How durable are your office storage units?

A. Take a look at the length of the warranty of each office storage unit to get a better idea of durability. Longer manufacturers’ warranties indicate that you’ll be buying a good quality and robust product. We take pride in selling high quality units that are built to last. Even our ‘Entry Level’ units offer excellent durability.

Q. Should I choose metal or melamine storage units?

A. Both can be excellent choices in the right setting. Melamine is the right choice if you need to create a nice visual style in the office. A metal cabinet offers more protection and longer durability.

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