Ergonomics Advice

Ergonomics Advice



The main image shows the ‘correct seating position’. It shows proper alignment between your head, torso, legs and arms. Your upper body should be in perfect vertical alignment and your forearms should be as horizontal as possible to avoid wrist strain. Try to tilt your seat into a slightly ‘forward seating position’. Additionally, you want to be looking directly at the monitor to reduce side glare from the reflective surface of the screen – although good flat screen monitors give off very little glare.

The first two images below this show incorrect seating positions that are classic mistakes people make.

The first of these images – known as the ‘slouch position’ – puts tremendous strain on your lower back as your spine must carry all the weight of your upper torso. This strain on your lower back can be further aggravated by tucking your feet under your chair.

The second image – known as the ‘reclining position’, puts strain on both your neck and lower back, especially if your chair does not have adequate lumbar support.

Both these seating positions also negatively effect your arms and wrists in relation to the desk and keyboard.

The final image – ‘daily exercises’ shows some easy exercises that can be done at your desk when you have a spare minute. These exercises will help to relieve and reduce shoulder and leg stiffness and cramps, minimise wrist problems, relieve neck and lower back pain.

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