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The reception desk is the first point of contact for anyone who enters your office. Provide the best first impression with our stunning range of reception desks. Styles to perfectly meet any decor and accents to elevate any space. Our Fast Office Furniture reception desks will impress every time and do so with ease...

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Reception desks are practical and offer the right image for guests walking into your building. Do you need to buy a new reception desk, but don’t know where to go? On this page you’ll find impressive reception counters that your visitors, customers and receptionist will enjoy. They are durable, affordable and have a modern style.

Do you have questions you’d like to ask before buying? Then get in touch with one of our customer service team on 1300 327 863. They can help you get the answers you need to buy the reception desk that’s a perfect match for your building.
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Visit the showrooms spread out in convenient locations like Brisbane, Sydney, Perth,Melbourne, and around Australia to interact physically with our office furniture. You’ll find our range of reception furniture and much more. This gives you a chance to assess factors such as size and build quality. Bring your receptionist along to help you buy since they will be using the furniture daily.

Don’t skip the section on how to buy reception desks that match your requirements. The factors included in this section are practicality, price, durability and style. These factors are the common categories that customers have questions about. We aim to provide guidance in the following section so you can make a smart buying decision.

Top 4 Buying Factors To Consider

Ask yourself some honest questions to buy the right desk. For example, how tall is the receptionist and do they like to work standing up or sitting down? Answers to these questions will help you come up with a list of requirements that makes the buying process straightforward.

1. Practicality – is the table fit for purpose

Reception desks provide a lot of benefits that regular office tables do not. That’s why they have a category all to themselves. Here are some reception desk features you need to consider:

• Privacy: receptionists can sometimes work on sensitive documents that other clients should not have visual access to. Therefore, the reception counter may need to have a height that blocks the view when standing on the opposite side. This allows the receptionist to work without worrying if anyone is peeking at sensitive documents.

• Storage compartments: think about the storage compartments that accompany the work area. Receptionists often need to deal with a lot of paperwork that should be organized. Additional storage can help receptionists work comfortably by allowing them to store items within arms reach.

• Large size: you may need to have more than one receptionist working to ensure customers are not kept waiting for long. Invest in a large reception desk if that’s the case, or consider buying two reception counters side by side. This allows more foot traffic to be processed per hour.

2. Price – reception desks can be pricey

Browse through our website pages and you may notice that receptions desks are pricier than most other type of furniture. That’s because they are bigger and specifically designed to be visually appealing to visitors, which requires more materials and labour to manufacture.

Do you need to buy several reception desks in one purchase, or other furniture at the same time? Then you can take advantage of our bulk pricing to get the best value possible. Give us a call and we can give you a quote. We work hard behind the scenes to keep quality up and prices down. Therefore, customers get the best deal available on the internet.

3. Style – does it match your brand?

The reception desk might be the first thing new customers and guests see when walking into the building. You need to set the right first impression to ensure your brand is represented correctly by the reception area.

The choice of styles in our ranges is huge, so you can pick one to match your interior décor identity. We can also help you choose the style based on other office furniture you already have. Continuity makes an office look professional.

You can choose between the reception desk with a curve or square corners. Both are good choices, but the curve adds a nice touch and softens the space in some interior design formats. Take a look at the images in our range to choose the model that matches your needs.

4. Durability – will it stand the test of time?

Reception desks are heavily used, which means they need to have excellent durability. You wouldn’t want them proving to be faulty or unreliable shortly after purchase. Consider visiting one of our showrooms to physically inspect a few of our reception desks to see what quality you can expect. Our desks are manufactured from the toughest of materials and are designed for the most robust office environment.

The warranty period is a good indicator of durability. Manufacturers have no problem issuing a long warranty when they have faith in their product. Our website clearly states the warranty period of each product when you hover over the image. Also, you’ll find it on the product description page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I match the reception desk with the right chair?

A. Look at the product descriptions of the desk and chair to see how the heights measure up. You’ll also need to consider the height of the receptionist to choose the right furniture. We offer desks of various sizes so you can pick one to match your needs.

Q. Do you have reception desks with storage compartments?

A. Yes! You can buy reception desks with drawers and other storage units, if you need help getting organized. Check the images to view what storage compartments are included with the reception counters. The reception area should be well organized to minimize human error and help customers quicker.

Q. What warranty lengths do you provide for reception desks?

A. Our warranty periods are 3-5 years for most models, which means you can get a lot of use out of them without any repair worries. Choose models with longer warranty lengths for your peace of mind.

Q. Do you sell a curved reception desk?

A. Curved desks are popular and therefore we have included them in our range. The curves add a sense of style and softens the space, and can create the look you’re going for in the reception area. Some counters have a small curve, while others have a bigger one.

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