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Lockers are more than storage.  Kids need to place their things somewhere safe because it teaches accountability and keeps theft to a minimum.  Our large selection of lockers aimed at schools and daycare centres is the perfect spot to find your education facility’s next purchase.  Covering all bases, we also offer benches, single door units, and coat and bag hook systems for things that don’t need to be locked away...

Our showrooms are by appointment only to ensure every visit is tailored to you specifically.  We can be reached at 1300 327 863 to either schedule an appointment or for one of our skilled specialists to go over the best fit for your business.  Our showrooms offer layouts similar to what you may be considering for your business, while also giving you multiple options for each item to ensure that the space is unique – as every child is.  Consider giving us a call and then stopping by one of our conveniently located showrooms to see our sturdy and attractive lockers and seating in action.

Below are some of the most common questions our buyers have before deciding if you’re still unsure.  It’s a wide choice that will impact the lives of everyone who comes in contact with your building, and we understand that.  It’s good to stay informed, and we’re here to support you.

What To Keep In Mind When Buying School Lockers

Safety and Utility

Keeping kids and schools safe is vital because it allows children to learn without distraction and for parents to be more trusting when they send their kids off for the day.  It’s essential to look at the safety and utility of what items are purchased for schools because kids deserve to be safe.  Our lockers are sturdy enough to keep all belongings safe while capable of being secured, so that there’s no chance of them falling or harming anyone in case of an incident.


A visually appealing school is better for creativity in children and the teachers’ comfort and happiness helping them.  With benches shaped like building blocks and lockers in a myriad of colours, we do our best to ensure every space can feel bespoke to what kids like.  Our metal lockers are ample in size so that kids can use magnets to decorate them however they want, while also being sturdy enough to handle most tape and glue to be removed without ruining the paint finish.

Locking Mechanisms

Many locker companies will offer built-in locks, but the problem with these is from year to year; it’s impossible to change out locker combinations, increasing the threat of theft.  With separate locks, your school gives students the responsibility of keeping track of their safety when they remove it and memorizing the number, and ensuring they lock the door to protect their items.  This lessens the strain and responsibility that would be on the school and also cuts down on the likelihood of theft or bullying.


Most Australian schools are on a strict budget.  If there’s a purchase needed, the right questions must be asked, and the price doesn’t spill over what can be spent.  We offer rotating discounts on our products to help keep them affordable while also working to keep our overhead costs low to pass the savings on to our customers.

Our warranties ensure that the products are sturdy.  Purchase from us ensures that you’re buying lockers, benches, and other furniture that will keep your school well organized for years.

Questions We’re Approached With

Our school locker customers are often more cautious than the average customer.  This makes sense because every decision they make impacts the lives of hundreds, or thousands, of children.  We want to help you make that right decision, so we try to stay as transparent as possible.

Are These Lockers Tilt-Safe?

Nearly every locker can be secured to the floor, the wall, or both.  By anchoring it in, you ensure that these pieces can’t be pulled down onto someone and helps ensure the safety of students and faculty who use them.  If you’re still nervous about someone getting on the top of the locker or causing mischief in that way, we also offer locker-toppers.  These sloping locker tops make it impossible to throw anything on top of them or climb above them while also adding visual interest to the hallways.

Is There a Warranty?

All of our products come with a healthy and comprehensive warranty, from our sturdy benches that are capable of taking a five-year beating of people using them regularly, to our lockers with a ten-year warranty that will stand tall and protect belongings for at least that long.  When looking at our school-ready products, you can check the listing or item description images to see what length warranty comes with it.

Our warranties generally cover any significant failure or foreseeable loss or damage.  We want to ensure that you feel well taken care of and that these products live out an entire life before you even consider replacing them.  We also offer a delivery program so that you don’t have to worry about any damages occurring while your items are being brought to your school.

Are These Scuff and Scratch Resistant?

Although the only thing impossible to scratch is diamond: our lockers are built durably.  We think about what will stay aesthetically pleasing for as long as possible, from our three-door durable metal lockers to our smart locker-room benches.  A couple of scuffs on a locker won’t make it less safe, but it can make a hallway look less maintained.  Our products are built to last and look gorgeous for longer than most kids will be in school.

Can I Have Help with My Choice?

Many gear up to make a purchase for their business, but the fact that the money isn’t there or that this furniture will represent their business can freeze them.  Let go of that stress!  Our customer service team are more than happy to go over every option with you and talk over everything from age-appropriate design to price and delivery.

Every school deserves the best, and we work hard to deliver that.

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