Filing Cabinets

Picking The Perfect Filing Cabinet

Filing cabinets have gone in and out of style in office decor: but they’re vital when it comes to keeping a business organized. No other type of storage allows you to categorize and store paper documents this easily while adding to the general decor and aesthetic of the office...

Whether you’re shopping for your home office or you have a call centre full of desks that need personal storage: you’re in the right place. Filing cabinets offer more than any simple shelf could!

Filing Cabinets

Here’s what to consider when shopping.

The Ability to Lock

The most important thing about a good filing cabinet is its ability to lock. Like the Shoreline 2-Drawer Filing Cabinet, even a more simple-looking cabinet can lock and keep its documents and interior safe.

These locks don’t have to be extremely complex; most are perfect with simple key locks to ensure that if the employee loses their copy, the company can have one on hand to ensure the cabinet is still capable of being used, or have a new key cut.

If your business doesn’t need to lock its documents away, then perfect! These locks are simply a nice perk to have on hand if you need them. In addition, when these filing cabinets are at employee desks, it gives them the chance to lock away any personal items, reducing the chance of anything going missing, and distrust amongst employees.

Cleaner Work Areas

Clutter can kill creativity. Unfortunately, there’s nothing quite as cluttered as a desk with most employees having paperwork strewn across the work surface. Employees must be given a tool, like a filing cabinet, to help them organize their workspace and create a comfortable and clear station.

Filing cabinets give employees the chance to put away their documents in a manner that makes sense to them while also pulling them out whenever necessary to have them on their office desks.

Lateral Filing Cabinets

Lateral filing cabinets pull the documents towards you via their top or bottom. This creates a broader and shorter filing cabinet. These are best used for storage in areas like human resources or other areas of the building that need access to a lot of information. This layout allows for more files to fit in the place of a regular pullout filing cabinet.

A lateral filing cabinet is one that most of us are used to using. These cabinets pull out towards you with the face of the document out.

Variety of Sizes and Shapes

A filing cabinet may seem like a straightforward choice to make, but it’s not! Dozens of styles and shapes could each help your company in their own way. This could mean a small filing cabinet being able to help one employee at their desk or that same filing cabinet being used by a home-run business to handle their taxes and business information.

Look at the space you have and consider what parts of it need this type of help. Although every business is different and has different needs, the wants for storage and attractive design are universal.

Style and Fashion Matter

If you’re convinced that all filing cabinets look older and slightly tacky, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, a lot of the societal opinion on filing cabinets seems to be that they’re simple boxes with locks on them.

They can be more than that, though.

One of the best places to add some personality to a filing cabinet is the face that gets pulled out. Natural-looking wood can make this surface look classier and seem more expensive. Another step up is to add legs to the filing cabinet. These cabinets are heavy, so any legs added onto them have to be strong and sturdy and encore for the cabinet to stay standing for years after you’re done with it.

Although it can be hard to find a cabinet like that usually, the Milana Executive brand offers more than a couple of different looks for the same idea.

Capability to Move Around

If employees move desks or the company layout changes: every employee unloading a filing cabinet full of their things and moving everything to put into a new one can be a major hassle. Instead, it’s a good idea to seek out cabinets that can hold bins or containers that employees can place their things into.

This gives your employees the dignity of getting to keep their things to themself, while also allowing easy transportation of their items.

Although the goal would be to have wheels or castors on the cabinets if possible, this isn’t always an option since these filing cabinets can be extremely heavy and could cause poorly made wheels to fail.

Should Be Sturdy

As the face of security and privacy for your business: your filing cabinets need to be sturdy! Strong and resilient metal bodies can ensure that these cabinets can take a beating without breaking or cracking. This also means that they keep their aesthetics for longer and allow your company to go long without replacing them.

Metal filing cabinets are finished in a tough durable powder coat finish which is available in a range of popular colours. In most instances we are ably to customize these in a special powder coat colour, but there is a minimum order quantity and additional delivery lead time applicable. Please contact us for more information if you’re looking for something special.

Filing Cabinets Keep Businesses Afloat

It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-person office or you’re on a human resources team for thousands of employees: organization matters. Clutter and poorly organized workspaces can make it far more difficult for employees to focus and can encourage them to be messier with their workspaces.

Filing cabinets give mess somewhere to go while inspiring order and security with the first lock and sturdy design. This helps employees keep organized, allows the office to look cleaner and more approachable for clients, and shows employees you trust them by giving them a space to store their belongings near their workstation

A fantastic filing cabinet can be an awesome addition to any office!

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