The workspace is important, whether you work from home, or from your office. You must invest in the appearance of your office if you want your company to become a productive environment, which inspires you. A well-organized and structured office will not only save time, but it will also allow you to work better.

When people are looking for office furniture, they usually expect to make compromises in terms of esthetics. On average, 70 office desks from 100 in a city look exactly the same.

Specialists conducted studies about the office furniture and desks for businesspersons. It was discovered that many of them prefer laptops, and that they need more personalized furniture to match their personal style. Of course, the space is another problem. People want furniture that helps them to organize their documents better, but they also want space. The study revealed that clients are now looking for new methods to furnish offices, and that new trends will be imposed soon. If you want your office to be in concordance with those trends, here is what you need to do:

– Choose the items with rounded edges, as this way; you can move the furniture around without being concerned about hitting the walls, and without being restricted by other objects from the room.

– Try not to use too many cables, but if you need those, you can mask them on the edges of walls in special cases.

– The depositing space must be accessible, as it will help you to maintain order and to be organized, without filling the working space with papers, books and files.

– Use shelves without the backside covered if you want to put the printer or the monitor on it, as good ventilation will prevent overheating of those devices, prolonging their life duration.

Choose the right furniture, and the decorative accessories following the specifications of a specialized decorator. Don’t hurry, establish a plan, so the result would be a uniform and attractive office.

– Arrange the office furniture in a way that allows the natural light to fall on your desk. However, the light must not fall perpendicularly on your monitor, whether we are talking about natural or artificial light.

– The perfect office chair must be ergonomic; it must have wheels, and adjustable height. It is one of the most important aspects for your health, because if you don’t have the proper chair, your health will be affected in time.

The perfect colors for the home office

Considering the colors that you want to use for your office, at the end of the day, you could have better or worse results in your daily tasks. Psychologists claim that each personality is affected by the colors of the office, and especially of the office furniture.

1. Pale blue for stressed persons

If you have a high volume of activity every day, and you are confronted with stressful situations, you must choose the white and pale colors for the office room. This way, hypertension is reduced, and it will be easier for you to relax. You can choose those pale natural wood nuances for the furniture, and a light blue for the walls.

2. Orange is motivational

As it is a refreshing and revitalizing nuance, orange offers increased productivity, allowing you to concentrate easier. Moreover, orange will give you more energy and positivism. Besides orange, yellow has the same effect. You can choose a few combinations between those.

3. White for concentration

White is the color that will help concentrate. Moreover, white will eliminate tiredness, allowing you to relax and refresh your resources.

4. Green for ambition

Green is suited for people that want a promotion. Specialists say that green is the color of success and new beginnings, creating calmness and equilibrium.

No matter what color you prefer for the office furniture, you will have to respect some basic rules while choosing it.

1. Resistant Furniture, comfortable chairs

Resistant furniture does not mean a certain material. The glass offices could be just as good as the ones made of wood. Ask what substances are required for cleaning the furniture, and what the effect of different cleaning products is. Sometimes, you will spill liquids on the desk, such as ink, cleaning products, but also coffee. Of course, it must also resist to scratches and to UV effects. The desk must be at least 24 millimeters thick, as the table must not bend because of the monitor’s weight. Don’t forget to choose the perfect drafting chair for your spine, which ensures relaxing and comfortable working conditions. It is necessary for those to be adjustable, with wheels.

2. Textiles for the office

A new carpet and some drapes play an important role. Those have an esthetic and relaxing purpose if their color is neutral, assorted with the furniture. Experienced decorators could design the working space, and then, you need to find a reliable furniture provider that is able to put those ideas into practice.

If you don’t have a large space, you should choose shelves and drawers, which will help you in keeping the desk and the working space clean.

3. Plants in the working space

If you are used to spend much time in your office, and you want to improve the efficiency of working, you need to use some plants as decorations. Choose the furniture with shelves, which allows you to arrange those in a nice way. Besides the decorative aspects, those would help you to relax, eliminating the radiations of the computer and refreshing the air. The natural plants are recommended. Artificial plants retain dust, and their aspect is not that great. Moreover, even if it seems like the plastic plants would last longer; the effect of the sun will be visible in a few months.

Natural plants have a special perfume, which is great to feel while working They are appreciated especially by women. Natural plants that are well taken care of can live for years, and they will never be out of fashion. Combined with smart furniture and unusual decorating ideas, they will change the aspect if your office completely!