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Blacktown is famous for its diversity and, being less than 35km west of Sydney’s business district means that it naturally has an equally diverse business industry. With everything from quality educational facilities to arts centres, there are many offices in the area which are in need of some quality furniture.

At Fast Office Furniture we provide affordable and durable furniture - fast! With locations all over Australia, including one right over in Sydney, we can deliver furniture which meets all of your office needs right to your doorstep. Make your office stand out and make Fast Office Furniture your ‘go to’ supplier.

What Office Furniture Do We Provide?

As the name suggests, we provide furniture suited to any office, with an incredibly wide range of products to suit your needs whatever they may be. We’ve been in the business a long time with a great deal of experience and expertise amongst our staff, so we’re confident we have something for you. Here are just a few of the things we sell.


Great for any school building, gym or just for standard office employees to have somewhere to put their things, we sell a variety of both school lockers and regular lockers to meet any and all requirements.

Organisation is key to a prosperous business, so by keeping your students’ or your employees’ personal possessions in one place, you’ll ensure your office is clean and tidy, running with efficiency and minimal disruption.


Sometimes, depending on your industry, a regular desk doesn’t cut it. At Fast Office Furniture, we are here to provide many options for workstations to help everyone in the company work quickly and collectively and maximise work-efficiency.

Workstations can seat anywhere from a single employee to a dozen, saving floor space and providing an optimal solution to the clunkiness and messiness of having individually standing desks everywhere.


At Fast Office Furniture we pride ourselves on our specialisation in seating. Ergonomic office chairs are important to have as they keep people working happily, comfortably and effectively, while visitor seating is important towards making a good impression on the people who walk through your doors.

Whatever seating needs you have, we have you covered, offering bulk discounts which benefit those who shop with us to supply furniture for their entire office.

Our Furniture Ranges

Buying pieces from a dedicated furniture range is a great way to kit out your new office or to breathe some life back into an old one. Keep the aesthetics of your business clear and consistent by looking at our furniture ranges and choosing a style which suits the atmosphere you want to portray.

Our Enterprise Furniture Range for example, is great for larger workspaces as it focuses primarily on long tables and work areas which are perfect for meetings or side-by-side working; all of the pieces are finished in a luscious chromatic or brown colour scheme.

Visit Our Showrooms

Showrooms have been forgotten in recent years, but there’s nothing like the thrill of going out to a store and hand-picking the furniture you want. Try out chairs, sit at desks, see how your storage unit’s work; all before you commit to any financial transaction.

We know that some people still like to do it the old-fashioned way which is why you can find our Sydney showroom at Unit 7, 2 Southridge Street, Eastern Creek; NSW 2766. If you make an appointment and let us know you’re coming, we can hand-tailor the experience to suit you. Contact us via phone on 1300 327 863 or via email at [email protected]

Shop in a way that suits you. If you find something you like you can arrange to take it away with you or have it delivered while you’re here, or you can hop online and pop in the product name to checkout via our website - we’re happy if you’re happy.

Why Shop with Us?

We like to think that the thing which makes us stand out the most is our approach to corporate responsibility. We believe that businesses should act like people would, being completely open with all of their stakeholders and acting based on fundamental values and principles - we try to implement that here at Fast Office Furniture.

With a dedicated customer service staff and over thirty years of collective experience in the industry, we believe that we stand a cut above the rest and that’s why we’re one of Australia’s leading suppliers of office furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have had a great number of questions over our many years in business regarding the products we sell and services we provide. To make it easier to get your answer, here are a few of the most common questions we’ve found.

Q. Do Fast Office Furniture Deliver to Blacktown?

A. Due to our numerous warehouses across the country, we can deliver to just about anywhere. While those living or working in metro areas have the luxury of being able to get their furniture sent directly from our warehouse to them, we still provide a speedy delivery service to everyone.

Q. Can Fast Office Furniture Hold a Product for Me?

A. Unfortunately, we don’t hold furniture for customers unless they make a purchase or pay a holding deposit, except for on the rare occasion that we’re running low on stock, in which case we may make a special exception and hold something for 24 hours. Don’t worry however, for we try to ensure we have a supply of every model our company offers.

Q. Can I Return an Item If I Don’t Like It?

A. If you find that any product we supply you is not to your standards, you can request a replacement or a full refund, however this offer is subject to the circumstances around your reason for returning it and all of our terms are outlined in our Warranty, Credit and Refund policy.



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