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"The chairs are fantastic!! Delivered yesterday as promised. No issues. Will be sure to call again as required" - September 2021
"The desks were delivered on time and the mobile drawer units were delivered the following day, which was a very nice surprise. Looks very nice. I'm very pleased with the quality, colour and finish of these" - September 2021
"I just wanted to say thank you to you and everyone at Fast Office Furniture for the excellent service you provided me for my recent office furniture purchase" - September 2021
"We are very very happy with the desks and drawers they are far better than we expected. The installers were great, very quick and they cleaned up after themselves. Would highly recommend to others, very happy" - September 2021
"Appreciated the way the delivery was done with absolute Covid-safe practice, and a follow-up phone call. It's good to know that your company sets high priority on safety of both staff and customers" - September 2021
"Really good products. Extremely fast delivery and the best costumer support that I've seen this year. I'll recommend you guys" - September 2021
"I would like to thank you for an amazing job under the circumstances of the factory shutdown, and organized freight to be picked up and delivered in a timely manner, much appreciated" - September 2021
"We were super happy to get the rest of our office furniture. The office looks great now it is finished" - September 2021
"Excellent Service. Appreciate the swift response by all" - September 2021
"Love it thank you. Surprisingly simple assembly too. The hard part was rearranging the whole room to please my wife" - September 2021
"Good quality and just what we needed to store the ever increasing home-schooling work. If we need more, we know where to come" - September 2021
"It all ran smoothly! Thank you so much for the help of your wonderful team! Appreciate it lots! Thanks again" - September 2021
"Thank you very much. I did receive the order yesterday, hassle free and on time" - September 2021
"All ran very smoothly and we are very happy with the desks. Thanks very much for your assistance" - September 2021
"Thank you so much for the fast delivery. It arrived at 8:30am yesterday morning. We are very satisfied with the service and delivery" - September 2021
"I like your furniture so much I just ordered some more desks for our Melbourne office" - September 2021
"It all arrived and is exactly what I ordered and expected so I am very happy. Good office chairs are a must! Appreciate the prompt service, you were very helpful in following up on delivery info" - August 2021
"I was really impressed with your sales and delivery standards. Everything came as promised, in good condition and in good time" - August 2021
"Everything is fine and I thank you guys for your attentive service. It was a very nice surprise" - August 2021
"Thank you so much for the delivery and so creatively approaching to my order. All is fixed and set up for me. I am loving my desks" - August 2021
"You guys were great and very happy with the quality of the furniture" - August 2021
"Furniture arrived and installed. Very happy with the service and speed of installation. All good from our end" - August 2021
"Would recommend you for quality, price and service" - August 2021
"Quality office furniture at a reasonable price, delivered to my door" - August 2021
"Thanks for the great service!" - August 2021
"We are quite satisfied with the furniture we ordered. The gentleman who delivered and assembled the desks was lovely and did a great job" - August 2021

Buy Our Office Furniture in Sunshine Coast

Are you shopping for office furniture in the Sunshine Coast, but have no idea where to buy? On this page you’ll learn about the advantages of buying from Fast Office Furniture. We deliver quickly to the Sunshine Coast and the surrounding area. Our reputation is the best for office furniture - check for yourself by checking into our track record.

You can get the help you need at Fast Office Furniture to make the right choice. Our customer service department is eager to take your call and offer assistance no matter how many questions you might have. We understand the need to get answers so you can make an informed decision. Our ultimate goal is for every customer to be happy with their purchase.

One of the highlights at Fast Office Furniture is the large amount of choice. We stock many furniture pieces such as executive desks, whiteboards, office drawers, filing cabinets, furniture accessories, ergonomic chairs just to name a few.

Visit Our Showroom

Do you want a closer look at what our furniture looks like? Then take the time to visit our showroom on the North side of Brisbane. You’ll need to make an appointment before coming so that there are staff available to show you around.

Come up with questions that you can ask our customer service staff. They are experienced and waiting to help you make the best choice for your Sunshine Coast office space. You can complete a purchase from the adjoining warehouse by the time you leave, which means you’ll have a productive visit.

Different types of office furniture to buy at the Sunshine Coast

There is a rich variety of office furniture that you can buy from Fast Office Furniture. We strive to provide a lot of choice so that you can get all the furniture you need from one purchase to complete your Sunshine Coast office space.

Here is an overview of the furniture types you can buy on the Gold Coast:

Furniture Accessories: it’s a smart idea to add accessories to your shopping basket that can improve the practicality and efficiency of your office space. The furniture accessories we sell include whiteboards, pinboards, glassboards, electrical cable management components, ergonomic monitor arms and more. Check out our accessories page to learn more about what’s on offer.

Storage Units: it’s a smart idea to store items in your storage units instead of scattering them across the office. Storage contributes to a tidy and organised office space. The storage units we include are durable and spacious. Also, consider buying mobile drawer pedestals that have the flexibility for you to move around the office as your storage needs change. The metal storage units in our range offer excellent durability that will last for many years, even in the most robust commercial environment.

Ergonomic chairs: every productive and safe office environment requires good quality ergonomic chairs. They are an essential tool for working long hours and avoiding health injuries and aches and pains. The ergonomic features to look out for include good adjustability, thick seat foam cushioning, a large backrest with adjustable lumbar support. Take the time to look for these features if you want to buy an ergonomic chair that allows you to work safely and comfortably. Don’t forget, cheap office chairs are usually cheap for a reason.
These are just a few of the top types of furniture that you can buy at Fast Office Furniture. We invite you to browse our website for more office furniture that can add value to your Sunshine Coast workspace.

Why Shop with us for Office Furniture Sunshine Coast

Quality Products: Do you love quality office furniture designs that are built to impress? Then you’ll enjoy the choice we have to offer at Fast Office Furniture. We offer a range of visual styles to suit all office types. Therefore, you can enjoy a stylish office space that’s built to impress clients and employees alike.

Durable Office Furniture: We understand that office furniture should stand the test of time. Our pieces are some of the most durable on the market, so you won’t need to buy replacement units any time soon. Take a look at the warranty information in the product description. It highlights the warranty period for each item.

Top-notch customer service: We go the extra distance to provide an amazing customer service experience that helps you buy the right furniture. You can get the help you need fast via a phone call or email. We work with many different organisations across Australia daily, which means our customer service staff have a lot of knowledge and experience to share.

Choose the right office furniture: It’s important to make a good choice when buying office furniture so that you don’t regret your choice. We want your office space to feel modern and have the upgrades needed for a productivity boost, and staff retention. Browsing through Fast Office Furniture enables you to find those furniture types.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you help me choose the right office furniture?

A. It can be tough to decide what furniture is the right choice for your Sunshine Coast office. You need to pick the right size, price and visual style. We are here to help you along the way so you can make an informed choice. Whether you’re in need of a new desk chair or whiteboard – we can help you make the right choice. Don’t hesitate to call our friendly customer service department.

Q. Do you sell home office furniture?

A. The majority of our inventory is suitable for home office use. Add an ergonomic office chair so you can sit comfortably for hours, or invest in storage furniture to organise your home office.

Q. Do you offer discounts and sales?

A. Take a look around our website and you’ll spot home office furniture discounts and promotions. They provide excellent value for money that’s worth taking advantage of. There are sales available right across our full range, or take a look at our ‘Sale’ page here

Contact Us

You can give us a call at 1300 FAST OFFICE (1300 327 863) if you need help choosing commercial furniture or home office furniture or have any questions. Also, send us an email if you prefer to write your questions at [email protected] We can help you create the office of your dreams.


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