Taipan Umbilical Floor to Desk Top Cable Management, for Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desks
Desk is not included
Professional cable management solution for movable desks
Standard length – 1250mm, but can be easily lengthened or shortened – no tools required
Available in White or Black colours
2 dimensional (2D) flexible system, with two compartments to segregate power and data cables
Also available in a range of variations, including:

  • 3 dimensional (3D) – will move in two directions
  • Optional steel stiffening rod – to keep sections of the umbilical straight and rigid
  • Magnetic inserts, to attach the umbilical to metal desk legs, posts or rails etc
  • Back to back desk kits. To manage cables to multiple movable desks
  • Ceiling to desk top, and ceiling to floor kits
  • Please contact us for more information and pricing on these optional extras

Taipan 2 dimensional (2D) umbilical rolls out in a straight line – just like caterpillar tracks
Add additional cables, or remove cables easily without dismantling the umbilical, and without any tools
Standard kit included Taipan umbilical (1250mm long), desk top connecting bracket and floor weight
The individual umbilical sections are 55mm wide x 20mm x 25mm
Very easy to install, and tread proof to 80kg
Click here to view the installation video

5 year warranty
Price includes GST

Delivery lead time – 3-5 business days
Please note – this item is not included in the special $50 assembly offer

Electrical ‘Soft Wiring’ explained  here
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