The worldwide movement towards long-distance work means more people are looking to create an office at home. The process of creating your first home office can be exciting. It’s your area of the house that you can get away from the family to be productive.

Furniture is an essential component of a home office. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a home office. The affordable options on our website include home office furniture packages. They have the components required to kit out your home office with the right set up.

What You Need For Your Home Office:

It’s easy to overlook essential office components when starting to build. The worst-case scenario is that you spend your entire budget without getting everything you need. Therefore, it’s important to create a list of items that you need to be productive. Here are some suggestions:

1. Chair:

Don’t be tempted to save money by using a standard kitchen chair for your office. Kitchen chairs are acceptable for sitting 30 minutes at a time to eat a meal. However, they are not designed for everyday work. Office chairs provide lumbar support and other ergonomic features that help you avoid injury. Consider buying drafting chairs if you want to take a rest from work in the office. Mixing up your seating position allows you to keep working for longer.

Mode Chair

Mode Chair


2. Desk:

The office desk must be designed to provide enough space for your computer and other essential items. You may have a specific need for a very large desk. For example, architects and engineers have massive drawings that need extra space. Get a desk that will allow you to work comfortably.

Function Desk with Optional Mobile Drawer Unit

Function Desk with Optional Mobile Drawer


3. Storage Space:

It’s important to get organized in the office so that you’re not overwhelmed by clutter. Invest in cupboards and cabinets that allow you to store the items you need. You may find desks that come with integrated cupboards. These save space and are a cheaper way of buying storage space. Don’t buy too many Office storage units if you have limited space in your home office.

Function Hutch

Function Hutch


4. Whiteboard:

You could invest in a whiteboard to help you organize your thoughts on the wall. You need to have enough wall space to store the whiteboard. Get into the habit of using a board to write thoughts down to boost productivity.

Magnetic White Board

Magnetic White Board


These are just some of the top home office furniture pieces that you can buy under $1,200. Don’t forget that you may need to spend your budget on non-furniture pieces too.

How To Stay Within Budget:

$1,200 is a good budget for your home office, but it can go fast if you spend without being strategic. Consider buying home office furniture packages that are a complete set of furniture. You save money per unit when several pieces are combined in a mixture. It’s the best way to get quality furniture with a limited budget.

We offer a variety of furniture sets for home offices that gives all buyers something unique. You could potentially swap a few of the options around if you want to customize your furniture package. Getting what you need must be at the forefront of the buying process.

Look for discounts when setting up an affordable office space. Good quality furniture pieces are regularly on sale, so you need to check back often. For example, clearance sales are a great way to save money before other buyers take advantage of the opportunity. Start by buying the core components of your home office to keep the price manageable. You can invest in more furniture in the future when the budget allows for it. Usually, you’ll realize what you need to buy next as you notice what’s missing while working. So this is really a good chance to buy furniture.


Q. What should be included in home office furniture packages?

A. A complete package must include a desk, chair, and storage. Choose a package that is tailored for the home office and there are more than enough options to choose from. You should expect a great deal because packages are cheaper than buying the furniture individually. However, don’t ignore more furniture options to kit out your office fully.

Q. How can I save money buying home office furniture?

A. Check our website regularly to find sales and discounts that can result in huge savings. We understand that customers love a great deal, which means we strive to offer some of the best prices for home office furniture in Australia. Consider buying a home office package to save money. It also saves time since you can buy all the furniture you need in one click.

Q. Is it possible to create an affordable home office?

A. Yes! You can get a great deal for good quality furniture pieces to build a productive home office. It’s important to invest in your personal space at home to get great results. Cutting corners may lead to an uncomfortable working space.