Height adjustable desks are a relatively new solution that helps to solve the negative effects of having to sit all day. They are a good investment for people both working at home or in the office. Most models these days allow the worker to easily alternate between a sitting down and standing up position to mix up the workday.

On this page, you’ll learn about the reasons why you should buy standing desks. They are not a gimmick and offer valuable benefits that can significantly improve your working environment. You’ll learn about the health and productivity benefits that makes buying electric height adjustable desks  a no-brainer.

1. Productivity is improved

Sitting down at a desk all day long can drain your body of energy, which leads to a lack of focus and productivity. The option to increase the desk height so that you can stand up while working could be a game-changer for your productivity levels. You’ll have better focus and complete tasks faster. It’s estimated that your productivity could improve by about 20% with the simple piece of office furniture.

Also, you will not need to take a break frequently to stretch your legs while standing. You’ll find yourself working longer sessions without that feeling of getting agitated from sitting down too long. Office employees should consider alternating regularly between a sitting down and standing up position.

2. Reduces back strain

Your back can develop health issues when sitting down for prolonged periods during a busy work week. That can also be true if you have an ergonomic chair with excellent lumber support. Ergonomic chairs can only help so much before the back aches and pains creep in and can lead to long term injury.

Switching to a standing working position for even a few hours per day alleviates the strain placed on your back and can straighten your spine. Therefore, buying a height adjustable desk for employees with long term back problems is a smart idea. Even if you don’t have back problems using a standing up desk can prevent potential problems in the future.

Space System"Sit Stand" Desk

3. Reduces boredom

Let’s face it, getting through a long working week can be mundane at times – especially if your current work has a repetitive nature. Anything that you can do to mix up the working experience is a bonus. In the office it can be hard to make significant changes that are not a gimmick, but standing desks is one viable option.

The act of working standing up instead of sitting down may alleviate the boredom and you’ll have a fresh breath of enthusiasm for your work. It’s worth giving a try at a showroom to see what the experience of working standing up is like. Once you give it a try you may feel like you can’t go back to just sitting down all day.

4. Promote healthy muscle activity

Muscles are not used when you are sitting down for multiple hours at a time. When muscles are not used they tend to degrade over time. It’s tough because getting muscle movement into an office job is tricky. However, when standing up there is some muscle movement throughout your body, which keeps the blood flowing.

Standing up while working should not be compared to exercise, but it does burn calories at a faster rate. Therefore, you’ll have an easier time losing weight in addition to healthier muscles. Neck and back muscles tend to relax more easily when switching between a sitting down and standing up position.

5. Saves money

The points made above are all reasons why using height adjustable desks is not only healthier for you, but will also save you money. A healthier body means that you can work for longer without taking days off throughout the year. Getting more work done often means that you get more money for that year.

Overall, standing desks don’t cost much more than a regular desk these days. That’s especially true if you opt for a height adjustable stand that can be placed on an existing desk. Money that’s saved can be reinvested into other office furniture to add more value to the office.

Also, giving workers the tools to work more comfortably means they are more likely to stick around. Therefore, you’ll save money on recruiting costs, which can add up considerably if you need to hire many people per year.

Closing thoughts

There are a lot of upsides to buying a standing office desk that makes it a smart idea. Work will be more productive and your employees should not develop injuries as frequently from sitting at a desk. With so much upside you should at the very least give standing desks a consideration. Buy a standing desk and see what all the fuss is about for yourself.