A boardroom table is much more than four legs and has a flat surface. This space is where significant decisions are made about the company, where mergers and new CEO’s are created: you can’t just use a simple folding table. The type of table you use has many factors, including size, design, construction, and cost.


Here are some tips to help you choose the best table without going overboard or being underwhelming:

1. For Young Tech Companies

The tech startup bubble still hasn’t burst, and dozens of new companies are born every day. These businesses have a hard time finding their identity since they are usually young, and the money comes in too fast to acclimate to.

A boardroom table for this type of business needs to reflect these changes.

Board Room Table

Board Room Table

Although it might be tempting to go with all glass for a tech company, all-white furniture is a better show of growth and power. Because of the work that goes into keeping it clean and crisp, these tables bring a little luxury and strength into the room. If you’re looking for office furniture in Melbourne, consider seeking out a hairpin-leg or skinny silver-legged table that’s sleek and gorgeous.

2. For Older Established Companies

Companies that know who they are and don’t want to try too hard to re-brand are fantastic. These power-movers are the ones who decide trends in business and can often cling to old-fashioned business ideals.

A classic oval wooden table is perfect for this type of business.

office table

Office Table

Not only can office tables tell a story about how the business views itself, but it also offers insight into where the company sees itself going. A timber table says ‘I’m here to stay and gives off a solid and timeless look.

You can also buy all office chairs to complement your table. It’s wise to consider comfort when you are looking for chairs. If your business has been running well for a long time, your employees deserve a comfortable place around the table.

3. For Businesses That Are More Like A Family

Board Room Table with Chairs

Board Room Table with Chairs

Not every business out there exists to crush the competition. Some companies are rooted in family values and tradition and are happy with the mum-and-dad Main Street allure. Businesses that are more like a family need a boardroom table that’s not an all-angles, threatening piece of furniture.

Instead, consider a boardroom table that almost mimics the look of a dinner table. This type of table offers comfort, recognisability, and the chance to relax and enjoy a meeting. Although no business can exist without customers, it’s vital that employees feel welcomed and wanted, especially if you’ve built your brand around this imagery.

4. For Businesses Who Want to Look Modern

Businesses that specialize in interior design, art, or other visual mediums will want to    have a modern and artistic-looking board table to go with it. Consider looking for a table that has a unique shape or style that can tell a story. The regular rectangle, or oval, can be overplayed and make every office look the same.

boat-shaped table

Boat-Shaped Table

The boat-shaped table is coming back into style, bringing smooth lines and sleek surfaces with it. You can fit more people around this table, and the body is visually interesting enough to catch the eye of anyone, even those who aren’t pros in design.

When you’re picking seating for a boat table, ensure that the chairs’ arms can fit beneath this table or that the chairs don’t have arms at all. Because of the curve, it might be awkward to sit in your chair keeps hitting it.

5. For Those Who Don’t Want to Take Themselves Seriously

Who says your business has to be obsessed with metrics? Some companies get to have fun with what they do, whether it’s because of a considerable budget or a boom in customers and leads. These businesses can be a little more whimsical and don’t have to confine themselves to the same ideas as everyone else.

A boardroom table doesn’t have to be one table!

Board Room Table

Board Room Table

Instead of companies that like to think outside of the box, you could set up a room with several smaller tables so that teams can sit together. This allows employees to talk amongst themselves easier and for those who are speaking to walk around between their coworkers or employees.

You can still pick a small table style that reflects your business, ranging from fun to modern office tables. A board room, after all, is a collection of people who want a company to thrive; why not let it feel like a party?

6. For Businesses Who Are Eco-Conscious

table frame

Table Frame

If your business is vocally very green and concerned about what’s going on in the world, it will make sense that you’d seek out furniture made out of renewable resources. You can even purchase a new table frame and then research where to buy reclaimed wood locally for the top surface.

The most important thing about being Eco-conscious is that you ensure that this is a table you’ll want your business to use until it physically can’t anymore or until you can sell it to a company that will want to use it. Buying a sturdy and long-lasting frame is vital because it’ll help ensure that your boardroom table can last as long as your business and will be able to keep your team focused on the common goals you share.

When considering Eco-friendly seating, if you don’t want to have to buy a lot of chairs, nobody will be using them most of the time; you can request people roll their chairs in from their offices! This allows for less possible waste and more thoughtful living.


Although it may feel like a lot of pressure is on your back to pick the perfect table, it’s more than just a table. Think about how this furniture will reflect your company and whether or not you like the image it brings out. With a little careful planning and shopping around, you’ll find the boardroom table that’s bespoke to your business!