Storage is vital to every office.  Businesses need spaces containing their paperwork, areas to put technology that isn’t required as often, and room to store all other items that make up our every workday.  Unfortunately, many offices don’t have enough storage and instead think they have too many things because they see the clutter instead of a solution.


5 Office Storage Solutions for Every Office

These are five types of office storage furniture every business should have to ensure that every item has its place, and clutter is no longer an option.


1. Book Shelves: $467.00

Although books might not be what’s stored on them: there’s no storage as vital as bookshelves.  These shelving systems allow for as much storage as you want, with the only limit being wall space. The best way to get the most use out of bookshelves, especially in a cramped office, is to get the tallest ones possible- and then putting less important things towards the top of them.  This ensures it takes up less of the ground space needed for chairs, desks and foot traffic and instead takes up vertical space that would have been used anyways.

For offices that need a lot of storage, or businesses that want to display their items on this type of shelf, you can create an entire wall of bookshelves, which will make the room seem both taller, and far more organized.

If you want things to be locked away, you could purchase cupboards instead that has a door on them but the same amount of storage, but for most offices, ease of access is more important than privacy for most items.

Function Wall Unit

Function Wall Unit

Size 900mm h x 900mm w x 315mm d,  1200mm h x 900mm w x 315mm d, 1800mm h x 900mm w x 315mm d
Colour Cherry/Ironstone, Beech/Ironstone
Warranty 5 Years
Price Range $204.00 – $316.00

2. Personal Storage at Desks: $141.00

If your office has many desks, it’s a good idea for workers to have space where they can store their items.  This way, bags don’t sit on floors or desks, and employees have a quick way to access their things and keep them nearby.

Personal storage can come in several different ways, ranging from a hutch that sits above their desk, lockers or small cabinets that sit beneath them, and the storage connected to desks.

If employees have to move their desks often, it may be good to allow them to have a mobile drawer unit that they can take with them so that they don’t have to pack and unpack everything they have every few months when they move desks.

Personal storage at desks can come with locks or not, but either way, they allow for employees to feel secure at their desks.  This builds trust, ensures that they feel at home in the office, and will make some employees feel the need to stay with the company more.

Drawer attached with desk

Function Desk, Beech Or Cherry

Size 900mm x 600mm x 730mm high,  1800mm x 900mm x 730mm high, 1800mm x 750mm x 730mm high,
Colour Cherry/Ironstone, Beech/Ironstone
Warranty 5 Years
Price Range $141.00 – $508.00



3. Lockable Cabinets: $440.00

In shared offices, there are times when things have to get locked away.  This could be when businesses deal with sensitive information or work in offices that share a space with other companies.  The ability to lock away some items or information can be vital in these circumstances.

There are a handful of different lockable storage options, and each has its own perks.

  • Digital locking metal cabinets can ensure a high level of security while also not taking the risk that comes with physical keys. Of course, there’s no chance you could lock it and lose the key, but it also ensures not just anyone could gain access.
  • Personal lockers are good for employees because they ensure they can bring their things and safely store them without worrying about them.  This can be good in businesses that have to work hands-on with customers where employees can’t keep an eye on their items at all times.
  • Locking filing cabinets are best for businesses that handle sensitive information.  This will ensure that everything can be kept in good order while also keeping everyone out who doesn’t need access.  Metal or melamine can both be useful, with metal offering more security if there’s a risk of someone trying to break in to gain access.

Being able to lock items allows for offices to feel more secure and gives employees the chance to relax when they aren’t around their items and create a better working environment.

Chill 3 Drawer Filing Cabinet

Chill 3 Drawer Filing Cabinet

Size 676mm h x 476mm w x 470mm d
Colour Natural White/Ironstone
Warranty 5 Years
Price Range $284.00


4. Tall-Storage for Items: $1,075.00

For many offices, the tallest item isn’t a book.  There needs to be storage for items that call for more space, and not all of it needs to be out in the open. More open bookcases and cabinets, like the Aspect wall unit, allow room for larger objects and enable you to stack wide items higher if you want to.

The space available in these items also breaks up the eye-line of anyone looking across the office.  Some variance in shelving allows for an area to be more visually appealing and can be nice if you have clients come to look at the office at times.

Aspect Sliding Door Credenza and Hutch with Doors - Open

Aspect Sliding Door Credenza and Hutch with Doors


5. Filing Cabinets: $275.00

There’s no piece of office furniture as classic as a filing cabinet.  These cabinets are the peak of organization for any company and allow for the storage of anything from human resource documents to documents for clients and business decisions.

Filing cabinets are useful for organizations and allow businesses to access any information that isn’t computer-bound easily.  Although some may think these are out of date, not everything can be digital, so it’s a good idea to have a place to store them.

You can bring these into the 21st century with a beautiful timber grain finish or a nice colour on the outside that makes them into a piece of visual interest.  The important thing, regardless of presentation, is they’re a fantastic way to store a lot of information in one compact place.

Super Strong 2 Drawer Metal Filing Cabinet

Super Strong 2 Drawer Metal Filing Cabinet

Size 705mm h x 460mm w x 620mm d
Colour Silver Grey, Satin White, Black Ripple or Graphite Ripple powder coat
Warranty 10 Years
Price Range $275.00



Without Storage, Offices Would Be A Mess

Without the chance to put things into storage: every office would be far messier.  An organizational and storing plan ensures that every item has somewhere to go and can even allow for items to be displayed like the decor.

Whether you’re getting personal storage for employees to use in their day-to-day, or you’re getting storage that allows for human resources to protect everyone’s personal information: there’s no such thing as too much storage.