Mesh backing on chairs can be one of the best ways to ensure comfort.  This material provides breathability because it wicks away sweat while also increasing the ability to move around and sink back against the backing.  If you want your office to have this kind of comfort while still looking incredibly functional and professional.

Here Are The Top Seven Mesh Back Office Chairs Options:

Each of these chairs is high quality, affordable, and will improve your office’s morale.

1. Fitzroy Mesh Back: $207.00

Affordability: It is very affordable while also allowing you to have many comforts.

Best Perks: the multiple colours available for the fabric!

Fitzroy mesh back office chairs are some of the best seats you can have for your business. With sturdy chrome-finished legs that curve up into comfortable armrests, professional-looking these seats are both classy and affordable.

The soft fabric seat ensures comfort, and for an additional charge, you can order them in a range of thirteen colours offering everything from a light teal to a dark navy blue.  They will make any office space look more visually interesting while also obviously looking and being as professional as possible.

Fitzroy Chair

Fitzroy Chair

Warranty 5 Year
Colour Navy, Charcoal, Black
Price $207.00


2. Reagan Promesh: $429.00

Affordability: It is a little pricier, but it’s currently on sale at 15% off the normal price.

Best Perks: it has a 135kg weight rating, meaning it could sit nearly every employee.

This beautiful and comfortable chair is also built with one of the sturdiest frames you can find.  With the flexibility of height adjustment, and the choice of whether you want to lock the back or allow it to tilt with you, this seat aims to enable the users to have a custom experience.

The white and black design is very modern and sleek, and the castors that allow for it to move around are non-marking, which means the chair won’t scuff or ruin its surroundings.  The Reagan promesh is a chair all its own, and any office would be lucky to have it.

Reagan Chair

Reagan Chair

Warranty 10 Year
Colour Pale Grey
Price $429.00


3. SOHO Medium Back: $376.00

Affordability: paying for quality.

Best Perks: these chairs are incredibly comfortable while helping with posture.

Soho Medium Back chairs are stunning to look at while also fitting perfectly with whatever office furniture you already have. The sleek back to the seat is one piece of smooth and comfortable mesh that allows for the chair to be streamlined and still very professional and business-worthy

These seats have a gas lift and a single tilt-lock mechanism that will allow for any user to get comfortable at their desk. The details are polished chrome and add a touch of class and expense to its appearance to boost how people view your company.

SOHO Medium Back

Soho Medium Back


4. Air Mesh Back: $192.00

Affordability: fairly affordable!

Best Perks: the unique shape is an eye-catcher that’s fun to have in any office space.

The Air mesh back chair is a fun and interesting seat that’s a great mix of affordable and comfortable.  The frame of this chair is looped beneath the seat, which allows for users to lean back to a comfortable degree while still keeping them firmly seated. In addition, the grips on the bottom ensure that it doesn’t slide around from slight shifts while also keeping the floor safe from scuffing damage.  These are fun chairs for any desk or meeting room you’re furnishing.

Air Mesh Chair

Air Mesh Chair

Warranty 5 Year
Price $192.00


5. Carla Chair: $202.00

Affordability: is very affordable, making it one of the least expensive chairs on this list!

Best Perks: it has a tall back for extra support!

The Carla chair is a tall-back mesh chair that allows for optimal comfort while also supporting the back of whoever is seated in it. Five castors on the bottom allow for mobility while also gliding across the floor instead of scuffing it.

The seat is a sleek black fabric covering a moulded cushion that is plush and comfortable to sit on and will make any workday easier to get through.  The arms are fixed, but the seat itself has a gas lift so that you can adjust it to your optimal height.

Carla Chair, Black Fabric Seat

Carla Chair

Warranty 5 Year
Price $190.00


6. Macleay Mesh: $92.00

Affordability: this is the most affordable chair on the list!

Best Perks: range of different colours and customizations you can have.

The Macleay mesh seat is one that every business should want.  This chair’s unique and comfortable shape stands out yet can easily be pushed under any office desks that they’re stationed at.The strong black frame is built to be sturdy, while the mesh back allows for breathable comfort.  Those who buy this chair can choose from seventeen different seat colours, including patterns for an extra splash of detail. In addition, four different height levels allow you to ensure your office furniture is the best fit for everyone.

Macleay Visitor Chair, Black Fabric, Angle View

Macleay Visitor Chair

Warranty 5 Year
Price $92.00

7. Stradbroke Promesh: $219.00

Affordability: value for money

Best Perks: the range of options available!

If you want comfort, you won’t find any quite as nice as the Stradbroke pro-mesh high backed chair.  This task chair has an incredibly plush and comfortable seat, along with dozens of options.One of the largest selections to choose from is its seventeen different seat colour choices, ranging from red to pastel and several patterned fabrics.  The seat itself has choices in how much height and tilt you would like, along with options on how tall you would like the back of your chair. Arms are optional, allowing you to decide if you want more mobility or comfort for those using the chair.This chair allows you to put your touch on the design of your office while also ensuring it looks professional and flows well.  The ergonomic back support and moulded seat provide comfort and support, allowing workers to spend longer periods at their desks without feeling any negative impact.

Stradbroke High Mesh Back Task Chair, Black Vinyl Seat

Stradbroke High Mesh Back


Warranty 5 Year
Price $219.00 – $355.00

Mesh Has Some Clear Advantages

Mesh allows for a larger range of movement, ensures breathability, and gives you the chance to sit comfortably for long periods of time.  If you’re looking for a chair that can provide you with all of this while still looking incredible and functioning in every way that you need: one of these seven awesome chairs is your best chance!We hope you like this article on Mesh Back Office Chairs. We have another article for you on 7 Most Comfortable Ergonomic Office Chairs to Support Your Back.