Do you want to upgrade your Sydney office with accessories? They are essential for the smooth running of your office and complement the furniture you might already have. Office furniture accessories perform basic functions that enable you to be more organized, work faster and have better communication. Take the time to choose the right accessories so you’re able to enjoy the benefit of a modern Sydney office.

On this page, you’ll find 5 accessories that provide value and are affordably priced. They all offer something unique, which means you’ll benefit from buying each one. Also, if you don’t have a use for them right now, then you might do so in the future.

1. Whiteboards: 


Magnetic White Board

Price Range $152.00 – $872.00 including GST
Warranty 10 year Warranty


Office furniture accessories like whiteboards make practical use of the office walls around you. For the affordable  price you’ll get a range of advantages, which are as follows:

  • Eco-friendly: Whiteboards allow you to erase what you have written to reuse the surface as many times as you want. However, if you were to work with paper, then you’ll be contributing to the waste. Therefore, whiteboards are an Eco-friendly option for the modern Sydney office.
  • Practical: Don’t let the wall space go to waste. If your office is already cramped, then utilizing the wall space is a great idea to increase the practicality. Also, you can write or draw in a large size so an entire room of people can see. It’s perfect if you are in a meeting and doing a presentation.
  • Reliability: Whiteboards always work and they will never let you down, but the same cannot be said for some technology. Therefore, it can act as a reliable backup when your PowerPoint presentation cannot be accessed for unforeseen reasons.

You can buy whiteboards of various sizes to fit in the space of your wall. Equipping every room with a whiteboard has its advantages and makes your office look like a place of work. However, if you want to entertain clients in your office, then you may need a mix of whiteboards and art to create a professional look.

We have many different whiteboards available, including wall-mounted standard duty, wall-mounted heavy-duty porcelain type, custom made, and mobile options.

2. Office Screen Dividers: 


Acrylic Desk Divider

Price Range $179.00 including GST
Warranty 3 Year Warranty

One of the more practical office furniture accessories you can buy are screen dividers. They allow you to split up office spaces and desks into compartments to provide privacy. They’re ideal if employees are working on sensitive tasks or privacy is required when providing services to visitors and clients.

You can buy them in different sizes to match your requirements. Also, it’s important to get the right color so they blend in with the office or stand out based on your needs. Here at Fast Office Furniture, we sell a rich variety of sizes and colors so you have freedom of choice. You can also give us a call for more information on the best office screen dividers for your needs.

Large screen dividers should be portable so you can easily transport them between rooms. Therefore, it helps if they are based on castors so you can push them around the office with little effort. It’s handy for when you want to make last-minute changes and time is limited, or you prefer that your staff don’t carry heavy objects around the office.

3. Ergonomic Monitor Arm: 

Ergonomic monitor arm

Ergonomic Monitor Arm

Price Range $176.00 including GST
Warranty 3 Year Warranty

Are you running out of desk space because multiple screens are taking up all the room? Then consider investing in ergonomic monitors arms that allow you to remove the monitors from the desktop and into the air. You can fix each monitor to a single unit to save the most space, but it depends on the compatibility.

Monitor’s arms allow you to position the screen at the right height and angle so your head is in the correct ergonomic position. It reduces the chances of neck pain and will help you work for longer. You may also get a productivity boost since you can place the monitors in positions where you can see all the info at a glance.

The ideal monitor arm should provide freedom for small adjustments without much effort. Therefore, you can change the setup based on the requirements of the day. Also, the installation should be straightforward without having to use expensive tools or professional skills.

4. Acoustic Pin-Able Tiles: 

Acoustic pin-able tiles

Acoustic Pin-Able Tiles

Price Range $358.00 including GST
Warranty 5 Year Warranty

Does your office space too noisy? Then consider installing acoustic pin-able tiles on your walls. They do a great job of absorbing sound instead of reflecting them off hard surfaces back into the room. It reduces the occurrence of echoes and overall noise level. Therefore, a busy and noisy office can be more productive since your employees can focus on the task at hand.

We have beautiful tile designs with enough variety for everyone. Choose one with a cool color design to add to the interior decor of your office space. Alternatively, go with a plain color design if you want the tiles to blend into the background. The pin-able tiles are self-adhesive and easy to install and work with – without much handyman experience.

5. Electrical And Cable Management Components: 


Energy Two-Tier Under Desk Cable

Price Range $46.00 – $147.00 including GST
Warranty 5 Year Warranty

Every office has computers and other devices with cables that need electricity to run. Without proper cable management, the situation could get out of control as cables get tangled and stick out like a sore thumb. They don’t look professional and add to the clutter of office space.

Purchasing cable management accessories such as under desk cable baskets allow you to run and organize your cables so they are out of sight. It’s not an easy task for medium to large offices, but it’s easier if you have the right accessories. You’ll need to plan out what cable management accessories will be useful in your office. It depends on the type of office furniture you have, electrical equipment, and the location of the power supplies.


Energy Two Tier Under Desk Cable

If you need help figuring out how to sort out your cable management, then you can give us a call and we will help. We have a lot of experience with offering offices the right accessories for their needs.