Are you shopping for modern office visitor chairs in Melbourne, but are not sure how to buy them? On this page, you’ll learn about the buying process so you can end up with an office visitor chair that provides practicality, style and comes at a competitive price.

Every Melbourne office needs a few visitor chairs to accommodate clients and guests in a comfortable manner. They can also be used throughout your office for employees if you don’t have visitors coming regularly. Whether you need a simple visitor chair or premium options that are designed to impress, we have got you covered. Read on for insight into the best modern visitor chairs in Melbourne.

How to Buy a Modern Office Visitor Chair?


Visitor Chair

Let’s start by taking a look at what factors need to be considered when selecting an office visitor chair:

  • Price: If you have a limited budget, then you can select from one of the many affordable options. They have a basic but modern design but also do the job of providing seating for your guests well. You can also contact Fast Office Furniture if you want to receive bulk pricing for larger orders.


  • Comfort: It’s a good idea to provide modern and comfortable seating for your guests if there’s the potential to keep them waiting for a while. Options such as lounge chairs and soft fabric offerings may be a better choice.


  • Visual Aesthetics: Looking for office chairs that contribute to the overall interior décor of your office. We have many different designs that you can utilize to compliment and blend in with the office furniture that you may already have.


These are just a few of the more common buying factors to consider when you are purchasing a new visitor chair.  You need to take a close look at your requirements to buy the right models. For example, if you need to fit a lot of seating in a tight space, then choosing smaller more compact chairs can be a great idea.

Check the product description of each chair to see how the features match up with your requirements. Also, note the warranty details to see what type of protection you receive in the event of a future issue

Why Upgrade with New Visitor Chairs?


Romy Executive Visitor Chair

Are you wondering about the benefits of upgrading your Melbourne office with new visitor chairs? Investing in office furniture in Melbourne is a great idea if you want to provide an office that’s welcoming, practical, and productive. Here is an overview of why upgrading is a smart idea:

1. Welcoming:

Modern and comfortable visitor chairs are inviting for visitors and guests and make them feel welcome. Whether they are located in the reception area or by the entrance, or in your office, they are needed for convenience so that your guests have somewhere to sit while waiting. Spending extra money on very comfortable and luxurious visitor seating can demonstrate that you care about your guests.

2. Practical:

You don’t want to leave your guest left standing as that doesn’t look professional or organized. Visitor chairs is a practical way of organizing your guests – especially if you have a large influx of visitors at one time.

Also, the chairs can be used for other purposes such as in meeting rooms, cafeterias, and work. Keeping a few spare visitor chairs as back up can come in handy at short notice.

3. Invest in Your Office:

Adding value to your office space makes it more productive and builds upon the asset you already have. Quality office furniture is an integral part of the smooth running of your office space. Therefore, you can’t go wrong by adding office furniture such as visitor chairs to increase the functionality of the space.

Top Visitor Chairs To Buy

Are you interested in some of the top visitor chairs you can buy for your Melbourne office today? Here are a few  models that are packed with value and comfort that your visitors will love:

1. Senator Visitor Chair 


Senator Visitor Chair

For a luxurious experience, consider getting a few Senator Visitor Chair units that are upholstered in premium black leather. They are very comfortable, so guests will not mind waiting a few extra minutes until you attend to them.

The heavy-duty construction means they are built to last and the 5 – year warranty should provide peace of mind when buying. It’s also a stylish-looking visitor chair that contributes to a professional look. Therefore, it’s suitable for the top Melbourne offices where portraying a professional image is key.

2. Evia Tub Chair Lime Fabric


Evia Tub Chair, Lime Fabric

This model is a great choice for bright offices that want to offer their visitors a comfortable sitting experience. The upholstered lime fabric is soft and it has a fairly large seat. The overall look is a casual one that is perfect for the reception area or meeting spaces.

You can also buy the chair in other colors such as black, orange, and red. The warranty period lasts for 3 years and the build quality is great so don’t worry about wear and tear for a long time. Doting a few of these around your office is a nice upgrade that is also practical.

3. Deakin Chair


Deakin Chair

The polypropylene shell is affordable and simple in design. It’s a cute little chair that’s perfect in small spaces. It’s not the most comfortable to sit for long periods, but if your guest typically waits for only a short while, then it’s a good choice.

The chair is available in two color combinations – black with a gray cushion, or gray with a black cushion. It is lightweight and can easily be transported between rooms, which means it’s a handy option to have around. It’s also an inexpensive option, which means you can buy several of these on a limited budget.

5. Fizz Chair


Fizz Chair

This is a versatile single ‘Tub’ style chair that works well as a four-seater ‘Pod’ style arrangement, or in a straight line. The chair has a cool visual style. The various fabric color options available works with most interior décor designs, and stands out from a distance. Visitors will be happy to wait for you in a Fizz Chair and it’s a great way of organizing the reception area.

They are also comfortable and durable, which is important when investing in a Melbourne visitor chair. You can also rearrange the design to create a look that best matches your requirements.