You spend a lot of time every day in your office. Your employees work in the office and you also receive visitors and your clients in the office. This necessitates making use of furniture that is not just good to look at but also one that is very comfortable and functional.  While timber and PVC remain two of the most popular choices for buying office furniture, it is glass that has garnered maximum attention of office owners.

Glass is beautiful but it is also delicate

Glass is one material that has always been used to beautify the interiors and its use as a structural element is increasing with each passing year. There can be no two opinions about the fact that glass is very pretty to look at, and it is also very easy to clean and maintain. It is also very hygienic when used as a furnishing material. However, it is also delicate and breaks easily. This is the reason why Handle with Care seems to have become inextricably linked with glass. This article contains some important tips to help you in maintaining your beautiful glass furniture.

Clean glass furniture daily

Glass does not come cheap. If you are prepared to invest in glass furniture for your office, you must also make sure that it keeps looking pretty and does not break soon. Regular cleaning and care is all your glass furniture requires to remain sparkling clean and beautiful for a long time to come. It is cleaning everyday that gets rid of all the dirt and dust that accumulates over glass surface to keep it looking as good as new. It also helps to extend the life of your glass furniture.

Keep heavy and sharp objects away from glass furniture

Keep pointed objects away from the place where you have glass furniture placed. Glass is fragile and even if you have got thick and toughened glass as office furniture, you cannot take it for granted that it will never be damaged. It is only when you find a scratch on the glass top table in your office one morning that you notice the damage. It is far better to take care that no one places metallic objects on glass furniture. Even keys can scratch the glass surface.

Do not allow breakfast or snack trolleys to be moved around

If you have got glass partitions to provide privacy to your workers and also for thermal insulation, you must make sure that no trolleys with wheels are allowed to be carried inside the office. Trolleys can be very convenient for carrying snacks for visitors and workers but they can cause breaking of your glass walls if and when an accident takes place.

Get your office windows cleaned regularly

It is easier to make use of glass for your office windows than keeping these windows clean all the time. In fact, a large number of office owners do not find an easy way to clean these glass windows with the result that they accumulate dirt and start to look dirty. These beautiful glass windows stop performing their primary function of letting lots of sunlight into your office as well.

Avoid placing heavy objects on glass surface

Though you may have used tempered glass for the furniture at your office, it is prudent to avoid placing and dragging heavy objects on the surface of the glass furniture. There is always a limit to how much weight glass can take and it is better to be careful and not place anything heavy over your glass furniture. Even if the object is light, make sure it does not have a pointed base or a rough base as it can break or scratch the surface of your glass table.

Do not move glass furniture by sliding

This is a very important tip to avoid facing mishaps with your glass furniture. You can slide furniture made of wood, iron, PVC, and steel but you always need to lift the glass furniture up in the air before moving it from one place to another inside your office.

Never use abrasive cloth or detergent to clean your glass furniture

You can easily clean glass furniture with the help of a damp piece of cotton cloth to remove all the dirt and dust. Even stubborn stains can be removed in this manner by sprinkling a mild liquid soap. Sand is the enemy of glass and it can easily scratch its surface. Never use an abrasive cloth or a detergent to remove stains from the surface of your glass furniture.

If you follow these tips and advices, you can make sure that your glass furniture in the office continues to look sparkling clean and as good as new for a long time to come.