If you’re in the market for a good office desk, you’ve probably experienced sticker shock at least once.  Most desks range between three hundred to a thousand dollars; yet many people don’t have the budget for anything more than four hundred dollars. These are some of the best modern office desks on the market: each at less than four hundred!  Consider adding one of these to your office, and you won’t regret it!

Office desks under $400

1. Function Desk – $344.00

If you want an extremely affordable desk while allowing you to customize it as much as possible: this is one of the best you’ll find. The Function desk is a unit that ranges between 900mm x 600mm to 1800mm x 900mm and has a lot to offer.  Two cable access ports on the desktop ensure that cable management is a breeze, while the massive surface area provides you’ll never run out of room.

Function Desk

Function Desk

Size 1500mm x 750mm x 1130mm high,  1800mm x 750mm x 1130mm high, 1800mm x 900mm x 1130mm high
Colour Cherry/Ironstone, Beech/Ironstone
Price $344.00 – $651.00

With this desk, you have the option to choose between cherry or beech, and you can even choose whether or not to put drawers on the desk. The customizability allows you to make your office space into whatever you need it to be, while the versatility ensures that you won’t run out of new ways to use and enjoy this desk.

The assembly for this desk is another perk, with a simple construction that will allow you to build it into any space without trouble.

2. Basics Desk – $224.00

This desk may be called basic, but it’s anything but basic. Gorgeously minimal and sleek, you can choose between a natural white or beech color to allow your desk to match the rest of your office. The legs are also available in chrome, satin black, or satin white, meaning you can have it suit whatever your needs are.

Basics Desks

Basics Desks

The Basics desk is fitted with two cable entry ports on the desk’s top to ensure that your cables aren’t in the way of you achieving whatever you need to.

Size 1100mm x 600mm x 730mm high,  1200mm x 600mm x 730mm high, 1200mm x 700mm x 730mm high
Colour Natural White, Beech
Price $224.00 – $237.00

This is an awesome desk for any students or those with home offices who want to be sure their focus is fully on the work at hand.  The size and shape of this desk can allow it to fit easily into any space that you need it to, and it works like a great blank canvas for you to complete all of your work on.

3. Space System Eco Desk – $258.00

This fantastic adjustable desk comes in countless options, allowing you to make it as custom as you’d like. The colors alone have four different options, natural white, beech, silver-grey, or cherry, and the sizes range from 1200mm in length up to 1800mm, one of the largest office desks in Sydney at this price.



Size 1200mm x 600mm x 700mm high,  1200mm x 700mm x 730mm high, 1500mm x 700mm x 730mm high,   1800mm x 700mm x 730mm
Colour Beech Cherry, Natural White, Silver Grey, Beech
Price $230.00 – $287.00

With two access ports and a satin silver powder coat desk base, it’s an attractive option for any desk that wants to keep a modern and clean aesthetic.  Beyond the streamlined design, there’s also an optional desk-mounted shelf available for storage, making it ideal for students or anyone who needs storage with their desk.

If you’d prefer drawers, the space system eco desk can come with optional drawers for the larger sizes and even a narrow metal mobile drawer unit to keep the size down to maximize the sleek design.

This is a gorgeous and modern-looking desk that can make itself at home in any office, whether it’s at home or in a business setting.

4. Chill Desk – $177.00

The Chill Desk is the perfect option for anyone looking for office desks that make their workspace feel like a command center. Massive with sizes ranging up to 1800mm x 900mm, you can make this into a unit that will ensure you achieve everything you set your mind to.



Size 1200mm x 600mm x 730mm high,  1500mm x 750mm x 730mm high, 1800mm x 750mm x 730mm high,  1800mm x 900mm x 730mm high
Colour Natural White/Ironstone
Price $177.00 – $543.00

The commercial quality melamine construction with 2mm thick high impact ABS edging ensures that it’s built to last, and although it’s perfect for commercial spaces. It’s also fantastic for a home office.

The design is blunt and allows it to be a focal point regardless of its room. If you need storage, you can add one to four drawers depending on which options you select; and all come with a lock to ensure that your information is protected.

For offices with multiple employees, this is a great desk to create cubicles with since the soft backing and large frame ensure that every employee will feel like they’re at their command station. The low price ensures that it’s something within everyone’s budget, and this Chill desk can become a staple to help anyone build and maintain a great worth ethic.

5. Shoreline Desk- $242.00

Oak and white together are a pair that was made in heaven. The Shoreline desk range has a classic look that can inspire the want to work and get to tasks without much introduction. The large top ranges from 1500mm x 750mm to 1800mm x 900mm, and is fitted with two cable access ports to get the most out of every inch of this desk.



Size 1500mm x 750mm x 730mm high,  1800mm x 750mm x 730mm high, 1800mm x 900mm x 730mm high,
Colour Oak/White
Price $242.00 – $543.00

Commercial quality melamine construction guarantees that this desk is built to last; and the five-year warranty that comes with it backs that up. You can separately buy a shoreline fixed or mobile drawer set that comes with two to three drawers; and a locking key to protect your belongings.

The beautiful light design can make a room feel more spacious and creative and reminiscent of an easel canvas.  If you want to get the most innovative and well throughout ideas out of your employees; this desk is the best way to offer that. As the most expensive desk on this list; it toes the line close to the $400 mark but still manages to stay affordable and under budget!


Office Desks Don’t Have to Be Expensive to Be Incredible.

Although many assume that the more expensive something is, the better: that’s not always true!  Looking for office desks offering a chance of a comfortable and spacious work environment. Each of these fantastic desks offers a chance at a comfortable and spacious work environment, without having to go above $400: and they’re all more than worth it. We also provide office desks that can boost your productivity but available in the higher range.

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