If you’re in an industry that spends long hours at a drafting table, most may think the table is what matters most: the most crucial part is the chair.  What you’re sitting on affects your range of motion, your comfort, and how long you’ll be able to work before you have to stop and take a break. So it’s not unreasonable to want the best.

These five seats are the most wanted drafting seating in the industry. Of course, each has its perks, but which you pick is entirely up to what your business values the most!

Stradbroke Medium Back

The black fabric will never go out of style.  The Stradbroke Promesh high back drafting chair is a perfect mix of classic aesthetics, beautiful smooth lines, and comfort, making it an easy chair to work in.  The ergonomic three lever independent seat and back tilt and height adjustment helps make a unique seating position for anyone.  With a medium back, this chair works to create a comfortable seating position for most workers while allowing them more range of motion than a full-back would.

The best part of these chairs is that they work so well and invite you to work longer and more comfortably, while they fade into the background as another simple office supply.  Drafting chairs need to allow the users to change positions, swivel, possibly roll to a new location and change heights on a whim, and the Stradbroke drafting chair offers all of this in spades.

Stradbroke Medium Back Drafting Chair

Lis Gas Lift Industrial Drafting Chair

With a rounded back and minimal design, sleek and black make this drafting stool into one that is both visually interesting and comfortable to sit in. In addition, the three lever ergonomic mechanism allows users to create a seated position that is both comfortable and ergonomically responsible for their backs.

So many industries are going for this drafting chair because it’s a fantastic mix of industrial and exciting style, mixed with the comfort you need when you’re moving around and getting work done. Perfect for every drafting-table job, from architects to artists, you’ll have a full range of motion without ever having to leave this comfortable seat.

Unfortunately, this does only come in black, but this fits with the industrial look and allows a uniform look for any office. So if you want a chair that adds to the aesthetics of your office without distracting away from the job, this is where to look.  The clean black surface is easy to clean and is highly comfortable to sit on while not being too visually intruding.

Lis Industrial Drafting Chair

Caprice Mesh High Back

High back chairs are better for offices where employees are expected to stay in the same position for most of eight hours. These backs offer a full support line while allowing users to sit back and feel supported without the need to slouch over their work.  Although mesh chairs may call more traditional offices to mind, there’s nothing more breathable and comfortable to lean back into when the weather heats up, or you’re in a working frenzy.

The chrome foot ring is adjustable for leg length, and overall this seat helps create a comfortable and beautiful place to get work done.  Employees won’t want to leave their desks after they start using this chair!  This model comes with an optional chair mat that would allow your employees to roll back and forth while working on projects without worrying about ruining the carpet beneath their desks.

Caprice Drafting Chair, Black Mesh Back

Yarrhi Heavy Duty

The soft and solid back of the Yarrhi heavy duty high back drafting chair is plush enough to be comfortable but firm enough to support any employee while they work.  Customizability is essential, and although this seat won’t overwhelm you with options, it has enough that you can still craft a bespoke chair for nearly any person.

The back is entirely adjustable for exceptional ergonomic support, and from here, you can enjoy a more significant than the standard seat so that someone can relax with more room. Next, it’s up to the customer if they want a two or three lever mechanism, which will help you decide if you want the seat to be wholly or semi ergonomic.  Moving forward, you can pick a seat slide mechanism for taller customers and even change the height of the foot ring: or leave it out entirely.  Every option you choose can lead you towards the perfect drafting chair or simply an incredible regular office chair.  The seats on this model also choose between three different seat colours, helping you create a custom experience.

Yarrhi Drafting Chair

Sado Gas Lift Industrial Drafting Stool

Sometimes the back and arms of a full drafting chair can limit your ability to move and create freely.  This can cause complications, especially in drafting work. A simple drafting stool can be a perfect solution to this problem!  The Sado gas lifts industrial drafting stool has most of the same perks like a full drafting chair.

From gas lift and levers to adjust the seat’s height to the adjustable foot ring that is a perfect fit for any leg length.  The black polyurethane seat is easy to clean and comfortable contours to the form of the body.  The castor wheels on the bottom of these drafting stools allow them to be moved around work areas quickly and from room to room.  They’re the best experience for a team that has a lot of projects on its plate.

Sado Industrial Drafting Stool

Although it may not seem like a huge decision, the chair you pick for your office informs how you experience your workday.  Whether that means you’re comfortable and ignore your chair unless you’re seated in it, or you pick something flashy and pretty with a fantastic range of motion and colours: the chair matters.  A wrong decision can lead to unproductive workdays and avoiding sitting at the drafting table.  Your workers deserve seats that are both comfortable and easy to look at.

Pick a seat that makes you excited to get to work.