The Boardroom is essential in all organisations, irrespective of the size and the services they provide. It serves as a gathering room where you and your workers come together to brainstorm ideas, iron things out, and work together as a team on some special projects. It can also function as a meeting room for some of your clients, investors and outside visitors like financial planners, researchers, auditors and yes, your new employees.

However, the design you give your Boardroom goes a long way to influence you and your workers’ activities and enhance productivity. Plus, it gives your visitors a strong impression of the professionalism of your company. While a well organized Boardroom, beautiful with a right touch of art and creativity, will make them super comfortable and want to stay longer, a disorganised, or outdated and unprofessional looking Boardroom maygive visitors a lack of confidence, and make them feel stuffy and uncomfortable.

Consider the following exciting tips to design your boardroom for functional space

Pick The Right Room

Choosing the right room is an important factor you need to consider when planning your Boardroom. It needs to be a functional space. You need to choose a place that is out of the way, free of noise and distraction. For example, A room closer to the CEO’s office would make a lot of sense, unlike one that is close to the lobby or cafeteria where meetings can be easily disrupted.

Meeting Room Table

The room size is also essential. You need to consider the number of people that will need to be seated at the board room table, other office tables that might be needed, visitors and some of the essential things you need to put there like the conference chairs and storage, projector, lighting etc. So ensure you pick the right room.

It is also important you consider the proximity of the Boardroom to other employees. A room that is located in the centre will make a lot of sense.

  • Proximity to other employees
  • Quiet location with a pleasant atmosphere
  • Big enough for users

Boardroom Table Configuration

The arrangement of your Boardroom table is fundamental to maintain good engagement with visitors and other employees and make it easier to work together efficiently. This can be in the style of a U-shaped table or a more traditional straight meeting table.

Meeting Room Tables

Furthermore, the size and dimension of the room also play a significant role in deciding the type of the boardroom table you should buy. For example, a long narrow room might be more appropriate when you have the refreshment station or office tables at one end, with the Boardroom table at the other end. A smaller square-shaped room might be best arranged differently, with a square or round table with suitable smaller conference chairs and some necessary storage at the edge of the room.

Don’t forget to consider the number of people using the Board Room into consideration. This is commonly forgotten. Ensure you leave enough space for people to be able to move around the table easily.

  • The shape and size of the Board Room table
  • Arrangement of the meeting room chairs based on the engagement you want to create
  • Easy for people to move around.


Lighting is another crucial factor you should consider when designing your Boardroom. While natural night from outside is excellent and always preferable, but it can also be important to be able cover the windows with some shades or blinds to block out the sun glare during some meetings and presentations.

You also need to take some artificial lighting into consideration when designing your meeting room space. Try to use modern cool LED lighting wherever possible. It is more economical and effective and doesn’t give off as much heat as older style lighting.

  • Allow as much natural light as possible from outside
  • Consider your artificial lighting.
  • Don’t use bulbs that give off too much heat.

Technology and Other Amenities

All modern Boardroom designs these days involve some kind of technology. The era of using whiteboards and glassboards is fast disappearing; instead we use smartboards, projectors, screens and all sorts of audio and video conferencing gadgets to get across our information. However, it is crucial you choose the correct screen size and put it at the appropriate distance. Ensure it is big enough for everyone in the Boardroom to view, and small enough to avoid overwhelming.

Essential amenities should also be put in place. Have your refrigerator stationed at close by for the people, so they can easily get up and drink whenever they need. An office tables with mini-cabinet storage is also great for people to keep their belongings while participating in meetings. One or two bins at the corner of the room so that guest and users can quickly dispose of trash, and keep the room tidy.

  • Use modern technology and not the oldfashioned, outdated equipment.
  • Use correct size screen for everyone in the room to see the information easily
  • Essential amenities like fridge and waste bins for easy disposal of trash

Keep The Decor Consistent

The Boardroom décor must be cohesive and be in line with the branding and professionalism of your company. Naturally, your logo should reflect your company’s brand; hence, you can play with your company colour to design your Boardroom. Ensure you place your logo and probably other information about your company somewhere that it can be easily seen and read.

Bedroom Tables

Meanwhile, it is vital to maintain some authenticity while been creative with your Boardroom décor to make it tasteful. Well designed and polished timber Boardroom tables or glass-topped tables always add a touch of professionalism in any meeting room.

A touch of tasteful art on the wall and appraisal of nature with the use of flowers will also go a long way to make your Boardroom come alive for visitors and users.

  • Show off your company branding in the Boardroom
  • Be consistent with the colours, and don’t make it fussy and confusing
  • A touch of art and nature will bring your room alive

Wrapping It Up

Making use of all these 5 tips for designing your Boardroom for functional space, is enough for you to come up with a perfect design for your Board Room. However, it is also necessary you put quality into consideration. I’m sure you can’t afford for your chair, or other office chairs to break during a meeting. Many of these products, and many more are available on our website. You can be sure that we only supply quality, fit for purpose office furniture that will go perfectly in to your Boardroom and meeting room space.