When it comes to home offices, it is simple enough to put a desk, computer and chair in your spare room and call it an office. However, this method is unlikely to yield the best results nor inspire your true potential.

You want your office to have character and to be fundamentally yours; that is the key to unlocking your best work.

How Do I Create an Inspiring Home Office?

You may be wondering what is meant by an inspiring office? In short, the term refers to a place where you can walk in and feel motivated to work. Anyone who has tried to put in a few hours on the train or in a public library will understand how different it feels to work in your own space.

With remote working on the rise, home offices are becoming a higher priority as many workers now spend more time at home than in their company’s office. One major benefit is that, unlike a company office, you are not limited in your control over the design of the place. By implementing these helpful tips, you will turn your office into an inspirational workplace in no time.

1. Location, Location, Location

The first thing you should consider when creating a home office is where it is going to be. You want to choose a room where you will receive minimum distractions, ideally with enough space for you to stretch out.

Many people like to think on the move, so while you may have been seen as a crazy person for pacing back and forth near your desk in your old company building, there is nobody to judge you in your own space. Having a bit of room to move around may be what you need to produce quality work.

Home Office Furniture

2. Keep Your Distance

While the easiest solution to working from home may be to set up a desk in the corner of your bedroom, common advice is that you should keep your workplace and your bedroom separate.

A similar rule applies to your living room as it is the place where you spend your relaxation time – it is important to have a separate space which you only use for work as it will allow you to leave your work at work. If space is an issue, the right office desk can allow you to turn even the smallest space into a functional office.


3. Remove the Clutter

An unclean workspace is an uninspiring workspace. If you start each work day in a messy, cluttered environment, it can seriously impact your morale and your work efficiency.

Try to remove anything non-essential in your office and remember to tidy it regularly. If you have a lot of paperwork, stationary or other essential items which are getting in your way, consider investing in some storage options to keep the place neat.

4. Employ the Sun

You may or may not have employees under you; regardless, the best employee at your disposal in a home office is the sun. Choose a room where you are likely to get a lot of sunlight and keep your curtains open as much as possible.

People who spend a lot of time indoors in dark rooms can develop vitamin-D deficiencies and a lack of sunlight can greatly impact your mental health. The health benefits of sunlight are major and can ensure your mood stays as high as possible for the entire day. Natural light is your friend.

5. Give It the Right Vibe

Having your home office be a place where you can relax is good in theory but if the environment is too relaxed you may find you get less work done. Make sure your office space reflects the type of work you do.

If your work requires intense focus, consider investing in some acoustic solutions to drown out unwanted noise. If your job is more creative or you like to be able to write things down physically, a whiteboard or pinboard can make the room feel more like a real office.


6. Cosiness Is Key

Cosiness does not have to be a polite way of saying small; if implemented correctly it can turn a simple office into a comfortable place full of ideas.

Home Office FurnitureKeep your office warm, maybe light some scented candles or buy an office plant for yourself. While it should definitely still remain a place for work, you might as well use your home office to indulge in a little comfort.

7. Furniture Shopping

Perhaps the biggest signifier of what makes the office unique is the furniture within it. Make sure you have a sturdy, comfortable, preferably ergonomic office chair as you will likely be spending most of your day sat down.

Home Office Furniture


Invest in a top quality office desk which will stand the test of time and provide you with enough space, storage and flexibility to allow you to produce your best work. Spruce up your space with some furniture accessories to make your office not only inspiring but truly individual.

By following this advice, you can turn a bland spare room into an inspiring, fully functional office in no time at all.

Important Questions to Ask:

When creating an inspiring office, there may be a lot of hesitation around the choices you make. Some components may be pricey but by asking these questions you can ensure you get what is right for you.

What is a home office furniture selection guide?

A furniture selection guide is a plan you make before creating your office which determines your budget, the desired quality of your furniture and accessories, as well as your design theme.

What office furniture does every home office need?

The essential furniture for any home office is a good, comfortable office chair and a sturdy desk with enough space for your computer, monitor(s), mouse and keyboard in addition to any other desired accessories.

What features should I look for when purchasing a home office desk?

You primarily want something space-efficient and sturdy which will last for a long time. Depending on your preferences, you may require a height-adjustable desk for extra configuration options.

What are some modern home office furniture ideas?

Modern home offices ideas tend to have more open-plan furniture with a lot of storage to create a less crowded and cluttered atmosphere.