When you’re setting up your office, it’s important to think about all of the ways the different furniture will function together. Of course, some types of furniture come up more commonly than others, and one of the main stars is always the L shaped, or corner office, desk!  This desk is an awesome unit that bends in the centre and allows a full range of movement between two workspaces.

These are the top five reasons people go for a desk like this and how it may benefit you.

1. You’re Low on Storage Options

Storage is one of the most important parts of an office.  If you’re low on storage options but want to get as much desk space as possible, a corner office desk can be a great choice.  This is because many L-shaped desks give you the chance to include a hutch or other storage-type section on one of the desk parts.  This builds up from the desk and allows you to easily grab folders, binders, books, or whatever else you need while you’re working.

Office Desk

Color Oak/White colours
Warranty 5 year
Prices $503.00 – $665.00 including GST

One of the best examples of this is the Function Office Package.  This gorgeous desk set allows you to have storage not only through a three drawer system but also through the large shelving unit above one of the workspaces.  When properly organized, this station can allow you to store years worth of information in a tidy manner instead of allowing piles of paperwork to appear all over your desk.  In a regular one-piece desk, this hutch would be overbearing, but on an L-shaped desk, there’s still plenty of room to work and place paperwork.

2. You Work From Home

Working from home is exciting for most, and it’s something that nearly two-thirds of Australians have to do in 2021.  But just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can work from bed.  Multiple studies have shown that having a set workspace can help you get your mind into a working-zone and allow you to complete whatever tasks are at hand.

An L-shaped desk means that you don’t have to have an entire room for your office: you only need a corner.  Corner office desks often don’t take up more than five square feet of space, which is plenty for the average workstation.  With the amount of surface space an L-shaped desk offers, you can easily work with paperwork while using your computer and having a coffee on your desk.

 L-Shaped Desk

Colors Beech/Ironstone or Cherry/Ironstone colours
Warranty 5 year
Prices $529.00 – $844.00 including GST

If working from home, ensure that you have enough storage space to keep your job as contained to one area of your home as possible.  This means keeping an eye out for desks that come with drawers, cabinets, or hutches.

3. Easier to Reach than One Long Desk

Some may consider simply getting one long desk or table and expecting that to solve the problem, but it doesn’t always work this way.  Although having one long table is nice because there are no lines on the surface: L-shaped surfaces make for better office desks because they allow reachability you can’t get otherwise.

L-Shaped Desk

Size 1800mm x 1800mm x 700mm deep wings x 730mm high
Warranty 3 year
Prices $542.00 – $806.00 including GST

On a long flat surface, you’ll have to roll your chair or stand up to reach whatever is on the far end of it.  This can lead to you not getting full use out of the available space and instead just a central small area you use.

In an L-shaped desk, you’re more likely to simply turn to set something down or retrieve something, and you’ll get far more use out of it.  This can be made even better if you have storage on both corners of your workstation, which would be impossible to reach on one long desk but, is perfectly spaced on a corner workstation.

4. Better For Reception Areas

Reception areas are spaces that many companies want to put more attention and work into. So not only should reception areas be fantastic looking, but they should offer ample space for the receptionist to do their work.

Because of this, an L-shaped or curved desk can be the perfect reception desk for any office.  This type of workspace allows a portion to face towards the entrance while the other sits against the wall.  Not only does this encourage a worker to have their portion for work while also allowing a piece where paperwork or sign-in sheets can go, but it also looks neater and allows for a cleaner and more organized entrance to your building.

This look can be taken further by including a hutch on the side that’s against the wall or adding a cowl above the desk portion that faces towards the entrance.  Either of these additions allows for more storage, and the cowl makes it so that anything on that side of the desk is more easily reached and worked on by anyone at a standing height.

5. Fantastic For Optimizing Workspace

When looking at office desks, it’s important to realize that they can make any workstation into a space that’s geared 100% towards completing work.  This means that there’s room for storage so that they don’t have to get up constantly to gather their belongings or retrieve paperwork, as well as giving them a station that encourages focus on what’s at hand instead of having someone sit directly beside them.

Office Desk

Color Natural White colours
Warranty 5 year
Prices $2,411.00 – $2,979.00 including GST


This focus can be raised even higher if you have four corner desks settle against each other, and you use something like a fabric screen, which allows you to keep the desks separated so that each worker can focus solely on what’s at hand.  Although many offices have turned towards open floor plans, many workers worldwide express that they prefer more private desks since it allows them to focus and lets their desks feel like more personalized spaces that belong to them and their work.

L-Shaped Desks Are the Way to Go

Whether you’re working from home or working with limited office space, L-shaped desks have tons of perks that make them the ideal workstation.  Consider your options, and you’ll be able to find the best office desk to suit all of your needs. If in case you are looking for an affordable range of desks for your workspace then check our one of the blogs- Office Desks under $400