Whether it is in a home office or an expansive office setup, we all spend quiet a lot of our time in the office. Research suggests that some people spend close to 90% of the time that they are awake in a day in the office. Most of the time that we spend in the office is spent sitting on a chair.

Well if you’re not complaining then you probably have a comfortable chair in your office. However for those who have been waking up from their seats with terrible back pains, it is time to upgrade. Ergonomic office chairs cost much more than what many people including you and I would be willing to spend on a chair.

With a variety of price points you can easily find high quality office chairs at affordable prices. Here are three handy tips that will go along way in helping you get a good office chair at a great price.

Buy Used Office Chairs:

Good ergonomic office chairs are easy to find online. You can buy used chairs from individuals from various online portals such as Craigslist, Amazon and eBay. Normally individuals would sell their items at low prices. What is important is for you to find a chair that functions properly with minimal exterior damage if any. Newspaper adverts and yard sales also present a good avenue for you to find good, fairly priced used office chairs. Hunt for less expensive gently used office chairs.

Buy from a Local Office Outlet:

If you’re near a major city chances are that there is an office outlet store there. Office outlet stores buy office supplies which include furniture that were sold as part of bankruptcy or overstock. These items are then sold to willing buyers at cut rate prices. The selection in these outlets is huge, the prices are good and you are accorded an opportunity to sit in each chair. When you go to the store plan to spend some time there to find an office chair that meets your needs.

Buy New Office Chairs for Less:

There are many stores both physical and virtual that offer good office chairs at low prices. If you’re on a tight budget you can still purchase a new chair at a price that is under $100. The deals from these dealers are great but such dealers may not be authorized resellers of major brands. But then you’re not buying a brand you’re buying an office chair that will allow you to work.

You definitely won’t be going for some of the most famous office chairs in the world because these come at a premium. The most famous office chairs are setting the bar ergonomic standards and on pricing as well, so just stay away from them.

Be sure to try the chairs that you want in a store or showroom because choosing chairs is a process that does not offer a one-size fits all solution. Check the height, flexibility of movement and assess to see if the office chair actually is suited for the kind of work you perform in the office.